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Providing for the Common Defense

Senate Republicans continue to lead the charge to secure the vital resources that our troops, veterans, wounded warriors, and service members need. Bipartisan passage of the National Defense Authorization Act is being threatened with a veto from the president and support for the de... Read More

Democrats Play Politics With American Priorities

Democrats are playing politics with our troops' well-being. Meanwhile, as our national defense hangs in limbo, Democrats continue to push the broken promises of Obamacare. Senate Republicans remain committed to supporting our troops and replacing the president's broken health c... Read More

Promoting Global Stability

Republican senators discuss trade and national security.... Read More

Strength at Home and Abroad

Senate Republicans continue to lead bipartisan efforts to make sure that Iran is held accountable and that American products face fewer barriers around the globe.... Read More

RT @SenDeanHeller: @SenDeanHeller: But I'll tell ya, Sergeant Vincent has a special place in my heart. #PurpleHeart #KeepThePromise http://
RT @SenJohnMcCain: Another reason you should vote #Goldy for #AllStar - definitely not me! https://t.co/TbZGyQeoPY
RT @SteveDaines: .@POTUS You said #ACA would cut premiums by $2,500 a year. Why are Montanans on the exchange facing double-digit rate hike
19 bipartisan bills signed into law in 6 months with @POTUS signing TPA today. The Senate is #BackToWork. #TPA4USJobs http://t.co/0Qg8n5AtuD
SCOTUS says Obama EPA must consider costs of regs - good news for families and consumers. http://t.co/Gir9zAtONj
Those who serve "are the reason we live in the greatest, freest nation the world has ever known." - @JohnBoozman https://t.co/Pftwm40JAc
Under the new Republican majority and @SenateMajLdr's leadership, the Senate is back to work for the American people. http://t.co/ylGPfCk8cK
If @POTUS were listening to Americans, he would have signed more than 18 bills into law. #KeystoneXL http://t.co/bLqFJC2J3V
RT @SenJohnThune: The Senate is #BackToWork with 140+ bills reported from committees and 40+ bipartisan bills passed. http://t.co/h6P9BV1tRy
Americans asked for change last fall, and we've delivered with 40+ bipartisan bills. #BackToWork #NDAA #JVTA http://t.co/aSHmLMKGrJ
Senate Amendment Vote Tally: @Senate_GOPs - 136 in 6 months vs. @SenateDems - 15 for all of 2014. #BackToWork http://t.co/GJEob7KMpW
RT @SenOrrinHatch: "In these first 6 months, we have passed bipartisan legislation that has delivered meaningful results to the American pe
RT @GOPSenFinance: Chairman @SenOrrinHatch speaking on the Senate floor NOW reacting to #SCOTUS #Obamacare decision. Watch here: http://t.c
Obamacare continues to be a disaster & @Senate_GOPS remain committed to repealing this fundamentally broken law. http://t.co/gsXYU5AnRo
@senjohnthune at today's press conference on how the Republican-led Senate is #BackToWork.… https://t.co/Y05T7hx3zu
RT @SenatorIsakson: What a pleasure it is to be part of a functioning Senate again. @SenateMajLdr is indeed worthy of the title. http://t.c
Republican-led Senate continues to post bipartisan victories! https://t.co/LlwYAEgkZY
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