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The Senate is not in session.

The Senate will convene at 12:00 noon on January 6, 2015. ... Read More

Getting the Senate Working Again

The new Republican majority will get the Senate working again.... Read More

RT @SenJohnBarrasso: Joined Senate GOP leaders today in calling on Admin to inform Americans how Obamacare Court ruling could impact them.
The first order of business for the new Senate Republican majority: #KeystoneXL pipeline http://t.co/20nN0y9WhP http://t.co/IjBKuNNP9u
Parente Op-Ed: A Lull Before the #ObamaCare Rate Storm http://t.co/L1Ht204iZn
Thanks for your service! MT @SenatorKirk I was proud of every day of the 23 years I served in the @navy_reserve. http://t.co/CDZl623D86
RT @SenatorTimScott: On December 15, 1791, the #BillofRights was enacted. http://t.co/6fjuzscFiK
RT @Senate_RPC: The Senate will vote on Dr. Vivek Murthy, Obama's controversial Surgeon General nominee, at 5:30 today
VIDEO: "Republicans are committed to returning government to the American people." @SenatorTimScott https://t.co/3VVONjBpU6
RT @SenatorEnzi: My wife Diana baked nearly 200 dozen cookies to say thank you to Senate support staff! http://t.co/6gPEZqeqE9
RT @KellyAyotte: Stopped by @CapitolPolice HQ 2 thank officers like Chris&Howie 4 keeping us safe&protecting visitors to our Capitol http:/