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The Senate is in session today

The Senate will convene at 10:30am. Following any Leader remarks the Senate will be in a period of morning business for one hour with Senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each. ... Read More

With the big game just a few days away, here is a #SuperBowl ad you won't see. http://t.co/IpGp2a95Q6 http://t.co/rfD4XjILLA
The ball is in President Obama's court: http://t.co/9hLmrtW0CT #KeystoneXL #TimeToBuild
RT @SenDeanHeller: Passage of #KeystoneXL is the mark of a new era in the Senate. Read my full statement here: http://t.co/CfyMpAcTrN http:
RT @ENR_GOP: #Senate approves @SenJohnHoeven bill to approve #KeystoneXL with bipartisan vote https://t.co/vcahXx04iX
RT @SenJohnHoeven: #KeystoneXL passed the Senate. I encourage POTUS to sign this leg & work w us to est true all of the above energy pln ht
RT @SenDanCoats: The Republican-led Senate has made good on our promise to pass the bipartisan Keystone jobs bill
RT @SenJohnThune: This is the kind of common-sense legislating the American people hired #AmericasNewCongress to do: http://t.co/qwSecQu5de
The #Senate is now voting on S. 1, a bill to approve the #KeystoneXL pipeline. http://t.co/rjRSXTn4E5
RT @SenateRadioTV: NEWS CONFERENCE: Senators McConnell, @SenJohnHoeven, and @lisamurkowski respond to today's #KeystoneXL cloture vote at 1…
RT @McConnellPress: McConnell: #Keystone approval will boost the economy, support thousands of jobs http://t.co/84mifWHAP3
RT @SenatorLankford: Looking forward to voting on more #KeystoneXL amendments & sending this job-creating bill to the President's desk. htt
There is a lot of work happening today at the committee level. Full schedule for today's hearings can be found here: http://t.co/YPaljuaLR7
RT @SenRubioPress: Today we mark the 29th anniversary of the #Challenger disaster, and we honor the courage of the 7 crew members: http://t
Today alone, the #Senate is scheduled to conduct more amendment roll call votes than it did in ALL of 2014. #Back2Work
VIDEO: America's New Congress: A Washington That Works https://t.co/3CTQ4VYcHD
RT @McConnellPress: Sen. McConnell: "Once #KeystoneXL is completed, we'll go to DHS" https://t.co/1lWYCPacpe
RT @nielslesniewski: Sen. Barrasso notes that Sen. Sullivan has an amendment in the vote queue (Begich never got a roll call vote)
RT @lisamurkowski: Watching @SenDanSullivan's first speech on the U.S. Senate floor right now. You can, too. http://t.co/E7BBTD4NJW.
"The ANWR land grab is another classic of executive overreach." http://t.co/3vjwyHc9NA via @WSJ
RT @SenatorSessions: Under the Republican Senate, there have been more amendment votes in January than Reid allowed in all of 2014. http://
RT @SenatorLankford: In 3 wks, the new #Senate #GOP majority has conducted more amendment votes than Harry Reid allowed in ALL of 2014! htt
RT @EPWRepublicans: When Senate casts more votes in the first week of a GOP majority, than all of the last year led by @SenateDems... http:
RT @InhofePress: The Senate has cast more amndmnt votes in the 1st wks of GOP majority than in all of 2014 #regularorder #transparency http
RT @SenOrrinHatch: For the record: GOP leadership has allowed more amendment and roll call votes in the last 3 weeks than in ALL of 2014 ht
RT @HouseGOP: 6 on 60: 6 Quotes from @SpeakerBoehner and Leader McConnell from yesterday's @60Minutes interview → http://t.co/eyZWBhU94w
VIDEO: Sen. @LisaMurkowski delivers the Weekly GOP Address https://t.co/VCAIlYX0gD #KeystoneXL