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Consideration of the Keystone Pipeline Bill

The Senate will convene at 9:30am.  Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will be in a period of morning business for one hour with Senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each, with the  Democrats controlling the first half, and the Republicans ... Read More

RT @SenDeanHeller: Passage of #KeystoneXL is the mark of a new era in the Senate. Read my full statement here: http://t.co/CfyMpAcTrN http:
RT @ENR_GOP: #Senate approves @SenJohnHoeven bill to approve #KeystoneXL with bipartisan vote https://t.co/vcahXx04iX
RT @SenJohnHoeven: #KeystoneXL passed the Senate. I encourage POTUS to sign this leg & work w us to est true all of the above energy pln ht
RT @SenDanCoats: The Republican-led Senate has made good on our promise to pass the bipartisan Keystone jobs bill
RT @SenJohnThune: This is the kind of common-sense legislating the American people hired #AmericasNewCongress to do: http://t.co/qwSecQu5de
The #Senate is now voting on S. 1, a bill to approve the #KeystoneXL pipeline. http://t.co/rjRSXTn4E5
RT @SenateRadioTV: NEWS CONFERENCE: Senators McConnell, @SenJohnHoeven, and @lisamurkowski respond to today's #KeystoneXL cloture vote at 1…
RT @McConnellPress: McConnell: #Keystone approval will boost the economy, support thousands of jobs http://t.co/84mifWHAP3
RT @SenatorLankford: Looking forward to voting on more #KeystoneXL amendments & sending this job-creating bill to the President's desk. htt
There is a lot of work happening today at the committee level. Full schedule for today's hearings can be found here: http://t.co/YPaljuaLR7
RT @SenRubioPress: Today we mark the 29th anniversary of the #Challenger disaster, and we honor the courage of the 7 crew members: http://t
Today alone, the #Senate is scheduled to conduct more amendment roll call votes than it did in ALL of 2014. #Back2Work
VIDEO: America's New Congress: A Washington That Works https://t.co/3CTQ4VYcHD
RT @McConnellPress: Sen. McConnell: "Once #KeystoneXL is completed, we'll go to DHS" https://t.co/1lWYCPacpe
RT @nielslesniewski: Sen. Barrasso notes that Sen. Sullivan has an amendment in the vote queue (Begich never got a roll call vote)
RT @lisamurkowski: Watching @SenDanSullivan's first speech on the U.S. Senate floor right now. You can, too. http://t.co/E7BBTD4NJW.
"The ANWR land grab is another classic of executive overreach." http://t.co/3vjwyHc9NA via @WSJ
RT @SenatorSessions: Under the Republican Senate, there have been more amendment votes in January than Reid allowed in all of 2014. http://
RT @SenatorLankford: In 3 wks, the new #Senate #GOP majority has conducted more amendment votes than Harry Reid allowed in ALL of 2014! htt
RT @EPWRepublicans: When Senate casts more votes in the first week of a GOP majority, than all of the last year led by @SenateDems... http:
RT @InhofePress: The Senate has cast more amndmnt votes in the 1st wks of GOP majority than in all of 2014 #regularorder #transparency http
RT @SenOrrinHatch: For the record: GOP leadership has allowed more amendment and roll call votes in the last 3 weeks than in ALL of 2014 ht
RT @HouseGOP: 6 on 60: 6 Quotes from @SpeakerBoehner and Leader McConnell from yesterday's @60Minutes interview → http://t.co/eyZWBhU94w
VIDEO: Sen. @LisaMurkowski delivers the Weekly GOP Address https://t.co/VCAIlYX0gD #KeystoneXL
One year in Dem-led Senate = 15 amdt votes. Three weeks into new GOP majority = 25 amdt votes. http://t.co/ai7yoVfS7W
RT @SenDeanHeller: Just presided over the @SenateFloor for the first time. Enjoyed seeing the floor from a different point of view! http://
RT @SenatorTimScott: Today is our first @GOPSenFinance hearing, focusing on jobs and the economy. http://t.co/gkX5r3yRNy
#KeystoneXL would support thousands of jobs & invest billions of dollars in the economy at zero expense to taxpayers. #NoBrainer