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A Fundamentally Flawed Agreement

Senate Republicans continue the fight against the president's bad Iran deal.... Read More

A Bad Deal

The more Americans learn about the president's Iran deal, the more they realize that this deal is a threat to the safety, stability, and security of the United States and our allies.... Read More

Consideration of the Drozd nomination

The Senate will convene at 4:00 pm. Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will be in a period of morning business until 5:00 pm with Senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each. At 5:00 pm, the Senate will proceed to Executive Session to conside... Read More

Keeping America Strong

The Republican-led Senate is working on the first bipartisan multi-year highway bill since 2009, which would provide necessary stability for major infrastructure projects like highways. Republican senators have also begun congressional review of the Iran deal, with more questions a... Read More

"[@POTUS] released a new ozone rule that will increase electricity costs & decrease reliability." - @SenJohnBarrasso https://t.co/bTnFBeDKWT
.@SenateDems are blocking a bill that funds veterans' services, military housing, and family support. #FundOurTroops https://t.co/FYbiyLqLvD
RT @SenateMajLdr: RT if you agree that #Democrats should not block critical Veterans' funding. #SupportOurVets http://t.co/SQXj7RXZYh
Tell @SenateDems not to block funding for military families. #FundOurTroops #FundOurVets #SupportOurVets https://t.co/D2qKv0dW2y
.@SenateMajLdr & Senate Republicans to hold press conference on military and defense funding today around 2:00 p.m. http://t.co/6feoGdNuGA
.@SenateDems are threatening to block veterans' services, military housing, and family support. #FundOurTroops http://t.co/iWunY5YB2G
Tell @SenateDems not to block funding for military and veteran health care. #FundOurTroops #SupportOurVets http://t.co/GDfwwuQJ75
With increased global insecurity & veterans coming home we can't afford for @SenateDems to hold up military funding. http://t.co/OkJgEOJkRh
.@SenateDems must not turn their backs on our military, their families, or our veterans. #FundOurTroops #FundOurVets http://t.co/BX0d474PoJ
RT @SenPatRoberts: Our nation cannot afford for Senate Dems to hold up critical funding for our military, veterans & their families. http:/
RT @SenateMajLdr: #Dems voted for veterans bills in cmte, sending press releases praising it. Now they are prepared to block the #Senate fr…
Failing to fund veterans' health care would be a disservice to those who have risked their lives to serve. http://t.co/VZtviZFlV2
RT @SenatorIsakson: Nothing is more important than our veterans & military, which is why I support the Mil. Construction/VA Approps Act: ht
We have an obligation to take care of our active military and our veterans when they return home. #FundOurTroops http://t.co/uWtJPEjbFl
America has a volunteer force-we must keep the commitments made to service members when they joined. #FundOurTroops http://t.co/JxqQZb4156
RT @SenJohnMcCain: Russia's airstrikes in #Syria are direct result of Obama Admin's total lack of American leadership - my floor stmt: http
RT @SenPatRoberts: Allowing Putin to act in #Syria is a great danger to security in the region and to the United States. http://t.co/tjGTGi…
Senate Republicans continue to fight for the rights of unborn children. https://t.co/u5yA3zIqe0
Happy Birthday, Sen. @BillCassidy! http://t.co/GvK4uCLN08