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Real Solutions vs. Political Ploys

Unlike the Democrats' latest election-year ploy, the solutions that Senate Republicans continue to offer would actually help create jobs and grow the economy.... Read More

The Senate is not in session.

The Senate will next convene for legislative business on Monday, April 28.... Read More

April Fools: "Affordable" Care Act

Republicans support common-sense reforms that, unlike ObamaCare, make health care more affordable and increase access to quality care.... Read More

RT @SenDanCoats: Happy 106th birthday to the @USArmyReserve
Editorial: Obama again puts politics ahead of #KeystoneXL approval http://t.co/6EoJ2SN2n6 via @dallasnews
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Get well soon, Senator @JohnBoozman! http://t.co/FaUZEd63Rv
RT @SenatorEnzi: #KeystoneXL little effect on environment & will create jobs, but Admin. can't pick between practicality and politics, dela…
RT @SenJohnThune: Union: "Delay for Keystone XL is 'Cold, Hard Slap in the Face' of American Workers" http://t.co/YZIIERxfFR
ICYMI: Congressional Republicans are winning at Twitter in 2014 http://t.co/tbYbUtVoEZ via @Wonkblog
RT @SenThadCochran: The #WhiteHouse hopes you missed its Easter weekend ploy to again delay the #KeystoneXL #jobs & #energy project: http:/
Good luck and best wishes to everyone running in today's Boston Marathon! #BostonStrong
RT @KellyAyotte: Good luck to all of the runners -including NHers- who are participating in the marathon today! #BostonStrong
RT @SenatorTimScott: Good luck to our South Carolinians running in Boston! Today we are all #BostonStrong.
RT @robportman: Best wishes to all those running in the Boston Marathon today #BostonStrong
.@SenAlexander: "Republicans want to enable and empower you. We want to be the iPhone party." VIDEO: http://t.co/0QSzuBR8qJ #4jobs
Sunday show lineup for April 20: @SenBobCorker joins @davidgregory on @meetthepress. #FF
RT @SenatorIsakson: It's disappointing the president has once again delayed #KeystoneXL while leaving thousands of Americans jobless: http:
RT @RoyBlunt: It's appalling the Obama Admin would keep blocking #KeystoneXL - especially as so many people are still searching for #jobs i
RT @SenJohnThune: It's disappointing POTUS once again delayed the #KeystoneXL decision while jobless Americans hang in the balance: http://
The Obama administration should quit stalling, and finally approve this job-creating project. RT if you agree! http://t.co/njqFbtf4Mo
Obama tells Americans: "move on." If only it were that easy. http://t.co/yxZ1xHrae6 #ObamaCare #BrokenPromises
RT @JeffFlake: Just trying to be like Mike. With my brother CMSgt Mike Flake, 943rd Rescue Group, Davis-Monthan AFB. Great tour. http://t.c
From dropped coverage, to increased health care costs, to less access to preferred doctors, #ObamaCare is hurting millions of Americans.
RT @SenJohnBarrasso: #POTUS is out of touch w/Americans who've lost their doctor, their insurance & watched their premiums spike all becaus…
Thanks to #ObamaCare, 6 million Americans were forced off the health care plan they had and liked. #ACAworks?
RT @Senate_RPC: CBO: Obama budget to add $6.6T in deficits via @thehill @elwasson http://t.co/sWICr0Tdvg
RT @SenTedCruz: The country music career didn't quite pan out, but things are going okay. #TBT http://t.co/fSCpCuUJ6q
"If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. Period, end of story." http://t.co/cmQe7S6k1y #ObamaCare #BrokenPromises