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"Better Off"?

On President Obama and Majority Leader Reid's watch: - Household income has plummeted by more than $3300 - Family health insurance premiums have skyrocketed by nearly $3000 - The average...... Read More

Democrats Are Running Scared

Democrats are desperate to escape the ObamaCare train wreck they set in motion.... Read More

Carnes, Lawson, & Reddick Nominations

Today - The Senate will convene at 2:00 pm.  Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will be in a period of morning business until 5:30 pm. At 5:30 pm, the Senate will proceed to a series of roll call votes on the following: Confirmation of Executive Ca... Read More

RT @SenatorWicker: Women, younger workers, and people seeking full-time jobs are worse off under #Obamacare: http://t.co/cnJL94gdKE
RT @SenJohnThune: Another day, another report of computer and email problems at the IRS. http://t.co/NIFdnk3gwR via @DailyCaller
FL #ObamaCare enrollee: "You can't make people sign up for a health care plan and then not have a doctor." http://t.co/i4AMSnSX8i #DocShock
RT to wish @SenJohnBarrasso a happy birthday!
It will be as easy as shopping on http://t.co/t6tYVmtTIB, they said. http://t.co/zZoq3L4dkm #ObamaCare
RT @SenDanCoats: I am deeply saddened to learn an IU student was among those on flight #MH17. Please keep her family in your prayers http:/
Senate Democrats have continued to block common-sense measures to help create jobs and strengthen the middle class. http://t.co/C7hq6sKIlO
In their own words: "How #ObamaCare Is Failing Me" http://t.co/DK8O1Ufet1
Wasn't #ObamaCare supposed to reduce the cost of health care? http://t.co/XA0nEaFLbv
Sen. @KellyAyotte and @SenatorFischer on the recent #HobbyLobby decision and its distortions → http://t.co/2Uv99Qyoes
President Obama thinks Americans are "better off" since he took office. Are you "better off"? VIDEO: http://t.co/cANa1In9iH #ObamaEconomy
RT @SenJohnBarrasso: Spoke on the floor about how women in #Wyoming & across the country are being disproportionately hurt by #Obamacare ht
Perhaps President Obama meant to say that Senate Democrats have blocked every serious idea? http://t.co/kLNEB0QyPI #ReidRoadblock
Another set of emails go missing. This time it's Lois Lerner's former FEC colleague. http://t.co/1gKYS4VZ5n