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The Court Upheld ObamaCare By Ruling That The Mandate Is A Tax, But Democrats Are Pretending It's Not


Dems 'Stumbling,' Scared To Defend Mandate Tax

"The Obama administration played down the tax factor… The healthcare law contains a slew of tax provisions." ("Supreme Court Ruling Casts Tax Shadow Over U.S. Healthcare Law," Reuters, 6/29/12)

"…senior administration officials argued that the penalty was not a tax..." ("High Court Gives GOP New Weapon On Taxes," The Hill, 6/29/12)

  • DAVID AXELROD: "…what it is is a penalty…" (NBC's Today Show, 6/29/12)

"…Democratic leaders were stumbling Thursday when asked about the ruling that the mandate was a tax — an argument that was quickly becoming a GOP talking point." ("Democrats Take Short Health Care Victory Lap," Roll Call, 6/29/12)

"The cautious and measured statements from Democratic House and Senate candidates Thursday reflected the unease about renewing a debate that ended badly for the party in November 2010." ("GOP Sees Down-Ballot Gold In Supreme Court Decision," Politico, 6/29/12)



SUPREME COURT: "…the shared responsibility payment may… be read as imposing a tax on those who go without insurance." (Supreme Court Of The United States Syllabus, National Federation Of Independent Business Et Al. V. Sebelius, Secretary Of Health And Human Services, Et Al., 6/28/12)