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Whitehouse, Inhofe, Boxer

Morning Business

Jun 09 2014

08:28 PM

Senator Whitehouse: (7:03 PM)
  • Spoke on climate change.
    • SUMMARY "Republican Senators represent states with great coastal cities inundated by rising tides, states with farmlands swept by unprecedented floods and droughts, states with forests lost to encroaching pine beetles and wildfires unprecedented in intensity. States with disappearing glaciers and reduced snow pack and states with dying coral reefs and shifting habitats and fisheries. Republican Senators represent home state corporations with international brand names, corporations that urge action on climate. Republican Senators represent great universities that contribute to the scientific understanding of climate change and how human activities are causing it. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss climate change and how to respond to it with Republican Senators. "
Senator Inhofe: (7:07 PM)
  • Spoke on climate change.
    • SUMMARY "I remember "Time" magazine had a cover talking about the ice age. Then in 1970, another warm period was coming along. That's the one people have been talking about. Here's the thing - in 1945, we had the largest amount of increase, the largest increase in CO2 emissions any time in the recorded history of this country and that precipitated not a warming period but a cooling period. Now as they have said we haven't been warming since for the last 15 years, and so this is always a difficult thing to deal with, but I know that the effort is there. I know that it's renewed now and people are excited about it. And I can assure you that the trend is in the wrong direction and it's not going to happen."
Senator Boxer: (7:35 PM)
  • Spoke on climate change.
    • SUMMARY "He cited a Chamber of Commerce study that has been so rebuffed that "The Washington Post" gave it their most Pinocchio's - in other words, four Pinocchio's to the Chamber of Commerce because they were responding to something that never came about. This plan of the President's makes a whole lot of sense. He has courage to do it, we're going to stand behind it and yeah, they're going to try to repeal it, the Republicans. But let me give them the bad news from their perspective. They've sent over dozens and dozens of environmental writers. I think I want to say over 90, I'll check it for the record. How much? Over 90. We have beat back every single one of them. And for colleagues to stand there and say Sheldon Whitehouse and I are doing this because it's an election year, that is a joke."