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Kristine Svinicki Faces Fallout After Exposing A Hostile Work Environment And 'Abuse' Of 'Senior Female Staff' At The Nuclear Regulatory Commission



2008: Kristine Svinicki Confirmed Unanimously By Dem Controlled Senate To Be A Member Of The Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (PN-470, Confirmed By Voice Vote, 3/13/08)

WHITE HOUSE: 'Confidence' In Svinicki

BILL DALEY, Former WH Chief Of Staff: "…you expressed your strong commitment to the agency and to ensuring that it fulfills its mission. We have confidence in your ability to do so…" (White House Chief Of Staff William Daley, Letter To NRC Commissioners, 12/12/11)

VETERAN DEM: 'My Hope Is That She'll Be Reconfirmed'

SEN. TOM CARPER (D-DE), Senior EPW Committee Member: "I concur with you on your views on Commissioner Svinicki. She's a valued member of the commission. My hope is that she'll be reconfirmed." (Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), Hearing On The Post-Fukushima U.S. Reactor Safety, Senate Environment And Public Works Committee, 3/15/12)


WHISTLEBLOWER: 'Women At The NRC Felt Particularly Threatened'

"Last December, Kristine Svinicki and other members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission told Congress that the NRC's Democratic chairman was an intimidating bully whose actions could compromise the nation's nuclear safety." ("GOP Leader: Obama Targets Nuclear Regulator," The Associated Press, 4/18/12)

"Kristine Svinicki, the commission's only woman, told committee investigators that she was so uncomfortable around Jaczko that she asked her chief of staff to 'keep watch' over a private meeting with the chairman in Svinicki's office." ("Nuke Agency Chief Faces Stunning Public Rebuke," The Associated Press, 12/14/11)

SVINICKI: "…the Chairman's continued outbursts of abusive rage directed at subordinates within the agency's staff. All members of the Commission, including me, have been on the receiving end of this conduct…" (U.S. House Of Representatives, Oversight And Government Reform Committee, Hearing, 12/14/11)

WILLIAM MAGWOOD, Dem NRC Commissioner: "Senior female staff at an agency like NRC are smart, tough woman who have succeeded in a male-dominated environment. Enduring this type of abuse and being reduced to tears in front of colleagues and subordinates is a profoundly painful experience for them. The word one woman has used is 'humiliated.'" (U.S. House Of Representatives, Oversight And Government Reform Committee, Hearing, 12/14/11)