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Personal 'Phone Calls From The President To Democrats' Make The Difference On 'Close' Keystone Vote


Amendment Defeated 42-56

(S.Amdt.1537 To S.1813, Roll Call Vote #34, Amendment Defeated 42-56, 3/8/12)


'The President Has Made Personal Appeals To Democrats'

"President Barack Obama is intervening in a Senate fight over the Keystone XL oil pipeline and personally lobbying Democrats to reject an amendment calling for its construction, according to several sources familiar with the talks." ("Obama Lobbying Dems Over Pipeline," Politico, 3/7/12)

  • "At briefing today, Jay Carney also confirmed Pres Obama lobbying Senate Dems against amendment to authorize Keystone Pipeline construction." (Twitter, @markknoller, 3/8/12)

"The White House lobbying effort, including phone calls from the president to Democrats, signals that the vote could be close when it heads to the floor Thursday." ("Obama Lobbying Dems Over Pipeline," Politico, 3/7/12)

  • "Top Senate Dem aides say [vote]… will be close." "Top Senate Dem aides say they expect Keystone amendment on transportation bill to fail today. Expect will be close, though." (Twitter, @jbendery, 3/8/12)



PRESIDENT OBAMA: "But you should know that keeping the economy growing and making sure jobs are available is the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning. It's the last thing I think about when I go to bed each night." ("Obama: I Wake Up Thinking About Jobs," USA Today, 4/1/11)