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Jobs Groups & Economists Say 'The Law Would Do Significant Harm To Job Growth And The Economy,' Call It 'The Biggest Impediment To Hiring'


JOBS GROUPS: 'The Law Is Unworkable, Unaffordable And Wrong'

U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  "Legislative changes and genuine reforms now urgently needed… the health care law is fundamentally flawed. Left unchanged, it will cost many Americans their employer-based health insurance, undermine job creation, and raise health care costs for all. It is imperative that policymakers and the business community now work together to develop and support genuine reforms..." (U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, Press Release, 6/28/12)

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS: "…small-business owners are going to face an onslaught of taxes and mandates, resulting in job loss and closed businesses. We will continue to fight for the repeal…" (National Federation Of Independent Business, Press Release, 6/28/12)

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS: "Escalating health care costs are job killers, forcing manufacturers to pay more in premiums rather than investing in their business and creating jobs… it is essential that Congress repeal the law and replace it with reform that benefits manufacturers and their employees." (National Association Of Manufacturers, Press Release, 6/28/12)

INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION: "…the law is unworkable, unaffordable and wrong for our country's small business owners who continue to struggle in a still sluggish economic climate… 3.2 million jobs at franchise businesses continue to be put at risk due to the employer mandate provision, thereby discouraging and disincentivizing the creation of new jobs and business expansion." (International Franchise Association, Press Release, 6/28/12)

NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION: "This law will have a dramatic, negative impact on every employer and employee in the United States and further constrain job creation and economic growth." (National Retail Federation, Press Release, 6/28/12)

NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHAIN RESTAURANTS: "…the law would do significant harm to job growth and the economy… Many chains have indicated they will have no choice but to cut back on workers' hours or close restaurants in order to avoid the penalties." (National Council Of Chain Restaurants, Press Release, 6/28/12)


'The Biggest Impediment To Hiring'

ROBERT SAMUELSON: "The ACA discourages job creation by raising the price of hiring. This is basic economics. If you increase the price of labor, companies will buy less of it. Requiring employers to buy health insurance for some workers makes them more expensive, at least in the short run. Particularly vulnerable are low-skilled workers..." (Robert Samuelson, Op-Ed, "The Folly Of Obamacare," The Washington Post, 6/17/12)

CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE: QUESTION: "…that means that in your estimation, the health care law would reduce employment by 800,000 in 2021; is that correct?" DOUGLAS ELMENDORF, CBO Director: "Yes." (U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 2/10/11)

UBS RESEARCH: "Arguably the biggest impediment to hiring (particularly hiring of less skilled workers) is healthcare reform… By raising the cost of labor, healthcare reform systematically discourages hiring, especially of low-wage workers whose mandated benefits are high relative to their wages." ("Great Suppression II," UBS Research, Pgs.1, 5, 9/19/11)

PRESIDENT, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF ATLANTA: "We've frequently heard strong comments to the effect of 'my company won't hire a single additional worker until we know what health insurance costs are going to be.'" (Dennis Lockhart, Remarks, 11/11/10)