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Amid A Chorus Of Pleas For 'Fiscal Realism' The President's Left-Wing Allies Mobilize 'Another Campaign' To Prevent It


WASH POST: 'Entitlement Reform Must Be On The Table'

WASHINGTON POST: "Entitlement Reform Must Be On The Table … no serious [debt-reduction plan] can exclude entitlements. With Republicans in control of the House and holding 45 votes in the Senate, this is basic political realism. It's also fiscal realism…" (Editorial, "Entitlement Reform Must Be On The Table," The Washington Post, 11/14/12)

CBO: "With the population aging and health care costs per person likely to keep growing faster than the economy, the United States cannot sustain the federal spending programs that are now in place…" ("Choices For Deficit Reduction," Congressional Budget Office, P.6, 11/12)

SIMPSON-BOWLES: "Federal health care spending represents our single largest fiscal challenge over the long-run. As the baby boomers retire and overall health care costs continue to grow faster than the economy, federal health spending threatens to balloon." ("The Moment Of Truth," The National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility And Reform, P.36, 12/10)


Left-Wing Allies Eye 'Another Campaign'

"The election is over, but the campaign isn't. … 11 leaders of progressive and labor groups [the President] met with Tuesday laid the groundwork for continuing a campaign approach through the fiscal cliff battle." ("Obama, Left Leaders Discuss Fiscal Cliff Campaign," Politico, 11/13/12)

  • "…AFSCME president Lee Saunders said the coming months amount to essentially 'another campaign.' 'What we're going to do is to keep our campaign, keep our members mobilized and organized in the different communities throughout the country,' Saunders said. … 'We're going into another campaign. We won the election but we're going into another campaign now.'" ("Obama, Left Leaders Discuss Fiscal Cliff Campaign," Politico, 11/13/12)

"In another move that will intensify the brinksmanship, I'm told labor unions are preparing a multi-million campaign, including TV ads…" ("As Obama Lays Down Marker On Taxes, Labor Has His Back," Washington Post's "The Plum Line," 11/9/12)

"…Senate Democratic leaders… rejected putting any entitlement reforms forward ahead of Friday's meeting." ("Dems To GOP: No Entitlement Reforms," National Journal, 11/14/12)