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Jobs Groups Say The Obama Administration's New Ambush Election Rule 'Will Hit Small Businesses Particularly Hard,' 'Stifle Job Growth'


NLRB 'Ignoring The Costs'

U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: "… the National Labor Relations Board's final 'ambush election rule' imposes unprecedented and sweeping changes to the procedures for conducting workplace elections… blatantly partisan… purpose of this rule is to ensure that employers have no time to talk to their workers about unionizing, and that the only information workers will get will come from the union." ("Chamber Lawsuit Challenges NLRB's Ambush Election Rule," National Chamber Litigation Center, Accessed 4/23/12)

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS: "…I am writing in support of S.J.Res. 36, a resolution of disapproval in response to the National Labor Relation Board's (NLRB) rule related to 'ambush' elections… would particularly harm small businesses..." (National Federation Of Independent Business, Letter To Senator Mike Enzi, 2/27/12)

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS: "The ambush election rule is a guaranteed pathway to creating a fractured American workplace. Manufacturers strongly oppose this misguided rule…" (National Associated Of Manufacturers, "Manufacturers Speak Out Against Ambush Election Rule," Press Release, 12/21/11)

ASSOCIATED BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS: "These actions will have negative implications for workers, consumers, businesses and the economy…" (Associated Builders And Contractors, Letter To House Of Representatives, 11/28/11)

INDEPENDENT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS: "…contentious and unnecessary..." (Independent Electrical Contractors, "NLRB Passes Final Ruling On Ambush Elections," Press Release, Accessed 4/23/12)

INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION: "The rule would greatly impair the business community, in particular, the 825,000 franchise establishments in America, which collectively support nearly 18 million jobs or 12 percent of the U.S. private sector workforce…" (International Franchise Association, "IFA Applauds Congressional Challenge To NLRB Ambush Election Rules," Press Release, 2/16/12)