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Deadline Day Disaster

Mar 31 2014

Obamacare's Deadline Day Marked By Higher Premiums And Even More Glitches


Cleveland Clinic: 'About Three Quarters Will Find Premiums Higher'

Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove: "Well people have signed up, about three quarters of them find that their premiums are higher than they had been previously with other insurance…" (Fox News, 3/30/14)

KY Woman: 'is paying $448 a month... up from the $258 monthly premium she paid before' "In October, she had been shocked to learn that her longtime insurance policy through Humana was getting canceled.' 'I'm really not very happy with what my experience has been,' Ms. Morse said.  … So she is paying $448 a month for a new Humana plan, up from the $258 monthly premium she paid before. Needing to find a new doctor, she called several who would not take her new insurance. So she arrived at Family Health Centers, which she would not have considered before. 'They were not in the best area,' she explained." (The New York Times, 3/30/14)

CO Man: 'recently saw his monthly premiums jump 50 percent, to about $1,800 a month' "Bill Fales wanted a new baler and a better irrigation system for the 700-acre ranch where he raises grass-fed beef cattle, but he scrapped those plans when he saw his new health insurance premiums. His Cold Mountain Ranch is in western Colorado's Rocky Mountains, a rural area where outpatient services are twice as expensive as the state average. Fales recently saw his monthly premiums jump 50 percent, to about $1,800 a month." ("Rural Residents Confront Higher Health Care Costs," AP, 3/30/14)

GA Insurance Agent: "'I have people mad enough to bite a nail in half down here, saying, "Why are my prices so high?"' said David Hardin, an insurance broker in the southwest Georgia community of Albany, in another of the nation's priciest private health insurance zones. 'Either they're mad as all get-out, or I can hear them crying on the phone. It just breaks your heart,' said Hardin… 'I think there was the idea that it might reduce costs, and now they're seeing that it's not.'" ("Rural Residents Confront Higher Health Care Costs," AP, 3/30/14)

IN Woman: 'There is nothing affordable in this act' "The part-time college instructor has rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that made it expensive — and potentially impossible — to purchase health insurance on her own when insurers were allowed to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and charge more based on health history. But while Kaser was able to get coverage through the ACA's new health exchanges, she doesn't think the law has lived up to its name. 'There is nothing affordable in this act,' said Kaser, who — with her husband — is paying about $1,400 a month for coverage." ("Affordable Care Act Not So Affordable, Some Hoosiers Say," Indianapolis Star, 3/25/14)


Deadline Day: 'The Website Was Down'

'The website was down six hours early in the day...' "The Obamacare enrollment website,, endured renewed technical problems on Monday, creating serious obstacles for people trying to sign up before the midnight deadline and stirring up all those bad memories of the botched October launch. The website was down six hours early in the day..." ("Healthcare.Gov Experiences Double Trouble On Deadline Day," Politico, 3/31/14)

  • "The site… has been unavailable since shortly after 3 am Eastern Time. HHS (Health and Human Services) officials said it was a software bug that was being repaired. The site goes through routine maintenance at night but this incident spilled into high profile hours in the final day for most people to enroll in Obamacare." ("Healthcare.Gov Down For Maintenance On Deadline Morning," Politico, 3/31/14)

"The website unexpectedly stopped taking applications again on Monday afternoon, according to Mr. Albright, who said the failure seemed to be caused by a flood of traffic on the site." ("Health Website Failures Impede Signup Surge As Deadline Nears," The New York Times, 3/31/14)