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Despite 'Stalling' Economy, Dems Relitigate Settled Practice On Judicial Process


SEN. REID: 'In A Presidential Election Year, It Is Always Tough For Judges'

CRS: "The Senator who most frequently has asserted the existence of a Thurmond rule has been the current chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Patrick J. Leahy." ("Nomination And Confirmation Of Lower Federal Court Judges In Presidential Election Years," Congressional Research Service, 8/13/08)

  • "…a long-running practice employed by a Senate minority in an election year…" (Politico, 6/14/12)
  • "…following the precedent set by Democrats, who cut off circuit court nominees in June 2004 and 2008…" (Roll Call, 7/30/12)

SEN. PAT LEAHY (D-VT): "I want to be bi-partisan. We will institute the Thurmond Rule." (Sen. Leahy, Remarks, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., 12/13/06)

  • LEAHY: "It is a rule that we still follow, and it will take effect very soon here." (Sen. Leahy, Congressional Record, S.1731, 3/7/08)
  • LEAHY: "…we are now [June 12] way past the time of the Thurmond Rule..." (Sen. Leahy, Judiciary Committee, 6/12/08)

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): "In a Presidential election year, it is always very tough for judges. That is the way it has been for a long time, and that is why we have the Thurmond rule and other such rules." (Sen. Reid, Congressional Record, S.2829, 4/10/08)

  • REID: "June is fast approaching. I believe that is the time set forth in the Thurmond doctrine." (Sen. Reid, Congressional Record, S.3012, 4/15/08)


Despite 'Weak,' 'Sluggish' Economy; 'Paltry' Job Creation

BEA: "Real gross domestic product … increased at an annual rate of 1.5 percent in the second quarter of 2012…" ("Table 8. Real Gross Domestic Product: Percent Change From Quarter One Year Ago," Bureau Of Economic Analysis, 7/27/12)

  • "Economy weak in second quarter … The U.S. economy has never been so sluggish this long into a recovery." (USA Today, 7/27/12)
  • "The slowdown in growth adds to worries that the economy could be stalling…" (AP, 7/27/12)

Current Unemployment Rate 8.2% (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/6/12)

  • "The downbeat report is likely to put pressure on the Federal Reserve, Congress and the White House to do more to stimulate economic growth and new jobs." (The Washington Post, 7/6/12)


President Obama's Nominees Have Been Treated Fairly

32 of President Obama's nominees have been confirmed so far in 2012. ("112th Congress-Confirmed Nominees," The U.S. Department Of Justice, Accessed 7/10/12; PN1132, PN1196, PN1197, & PN1203)

28 of President Bush's nominees were confirmed in all of 2008. ("110th Congress-Confirmed Nominees," The U.S. Department Of Justice, Accessed 7/10/12)

  • 4 of President Bush's Circuit Court nominees were confirmed in all of 2008: PN1560, PN1484, PN766, PN343