Floor Updates

January 2012

Monday, Jan 23 2012
Time Title
2:00 PM Senate Opening
2:45 PM Reid, McConnell
4:00 PM Nelson-NE, Johanns
5:09 PM Sessions, Johanns, Leahy
5:41 PM Nelson-NE, Grassley
6:08 PM Vote Results (Gerrard Nomination)
7:11 PM Durbin, Wyden, Moran, Cornyn (The Senate Stands Adjourned)
Tuesday, Jan 24 2012
Time Title
10:00 AM Senate Opening
10:33 AM Reid, McConnell
11:25 AM Durbin, Isakson, Thune
12:30 PM Sanders, Conrad, Lee (The Senate Stands in Recess)
3:22 PM Hutchison, Rubio
4:06 PM Sessions
5:07 PM Reid (The Senate Stands in Recess)
Thursday, Jan 26 2012
Time Title
9:30 AM Senate Opening
10:06 AM Reid, McConnell
11:01 AM Baucus, Hatch, Inhofe
11:46 AM Harkin, Hutchison, Nelson-NE
12:16 PM Coburn, Durbin, Baucus
12:30 PM Vote Results (Motion to Proceed)
1:22 PM Baucus, Udall-NM, Grassley, Stabenow
2:01 PM Whitehouse, Franken, Murray
2:28 PM Blumenthal, Merkley, Wyden
2:53 PM Schumer, Shaheen, Udall-NM
3:23 PM Klobuchar, Collins, Gillibrand
3:47 PM Wicker, Begich, Lee
4:28 PM Sanders, Hatch, Murkowski
5:18 PM Durbin, Barrasso, Boozman, Reid (The Senate Stands Adjourned)
Monday, Jan 30 2012
Time Title
2:00 PM Senate Opening
2:26 PM Reid
3:08 PM Kyl, Udall-NM, Hoeven
5:06 PM Levin, Lieberman, Collins
5:29 PM Brown-MA, Gillibrand, Tester
5:59 PM Vote Results (Motion to Invoke Cloture)
6:52 PM Grassley, Brown-OH (The Senate Stands Adjourned)
Tuesday, Jan 31 2012
Time Title
10:00 AM Senate Opening
10:23 AM Reid, McConnell
11:37 AM Durbin, Kerry, Paul, Heller, Lee, Collins
11:56 AM Reid, Brown-OH, Collins, Toomey
12:23 PM Brown-OH, Brown-MA, Thune
12:41 PM McCain, Leahy (The Senate Stands in Recess)
3:20 PM Lieberman, Collins, Coburn, Brown-MA
3:40 PM Sanders, Paul, DeMint
4:32 PM Begich, Klobuchar, Toomey
5:23 PM McCaskill, Paul
6:08 PM Collins, Lieberman, Durbin
6:57 PM Stabenow, Reid, Lieberman
7:08 PM Udall-CO (The Senate Stands Adjourned)