Floor Updates

Rockefeller, Boxer, Leahy, Grassley

Executive Session (Groh and Fitzgerald nomination)

Mar 15 2012

02:02 PM

Senator Rockefeller: (1:39 PM)
  • Spoke in support of the Groh nomination.

Senator Boxer: (1:41 PM)
  • Spoke in support of the Fitzgerald nomination.

Senator Leahy: (1:48 PM)
  • Spoke in support of the Groh and Fitzgerald nominations and the 22 delayed judicial nominations.

Senator Grassley: (1:53 PM)
  • Spoke on the judicial nominations.
    • SUMMARY "This week, the judicial confirmation process was a bit off track. The 17 threatened cloture petition votes were unnecessary. I'm pleased that the majority leader determined to not move forward with that plan. The Senate has now returned to its regular order of processing judicial nominations in a careful and deliberate manner. Just exactly what you ought to do when you're talking about confirming people to lifetime appointments. This means that nominees are called up, debated and voted upon just as we have been doing. In fact, we have done 131 times for President Obama's judicial nominees. Of course, on rare occasion, as within the tradition, rules and practices of the Senate, there will be difficulty in moving forward with consent to proceed on just a very few. So I view what happened yesterday not as some deal but as a rejection of a political stunt in favor of returning to regular order like we're doing today. I have worked with the Chairman and members of the Judiciary Committee as well as with my colleagues throughout the Senate to ensure that nominees are treated fairly. I will continue to do so. In the meantime, I'm pleased that the senate has turned to the jobs bill. It's an imperative that the Senate keep its focus on what the people back at the grassroots think we ought to be working on - jobs, economy, energy and other critical issues facing our nation."