Floor Updates

Reid (The Senate Stands Adjourned)

Morning Business

Apr 24 2012

07:14 PM

Senator Reid: (7:01 PM)
  • Performed Wrap Up --
  • Tomorrow --
    • The Senate will convene at 9:30 AM and resume consideration of the motion to proceed to S. 1925, the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization bill. The time until 2:00 PM will be equally divided, with the Republicans controlling the first 30 minutes and the Majority controlling the second 30 minutes. The time from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM, will be controlled by the Republicans and the time from 12:30 PM-1:30 PM will be controlled by the Majority.
    • At 2:00 PM, the Senate will resume consideration of S. 1789, the Postal Reform bill, and conduct a series of ROLL CALL VOTES on the amendments listed below. All amendments will be subject to a 60-vote threshold and budget points of order and applicable motions to waive are in order. Upon disposition of the amendments, the substitute amendment, as amended, if amended, will be Agreed to, and the Senate will conduct a ROLL CALL VOTE on passage of S. 1789, as amended, the Postal Reform bill (60 votes required).
      1. Manchin amendment #2079 (extend closing/consolidation moratorium);
      2. Paul amendment #2026 (performance-based pay);
      3. Bingaman amendment #2076 (state liaisons);
      4. Paul amendment #2027 (close all Capitol Complex post offices except one);
      5. Cardin amendment #2040 (prohibit closing of facility if nearest facility is more than 50 miles away);
      6. Paul amendment #2028 (alternative postal service delivery pilot program);
      7. Carper amendment #2065 (first-class stamp rate);
      8. Paul amendment #2029 (impact of regulations on Postal Service profitability plan);
      9. Carper amendment #2066 (limit Postal Service executive compensation);
      10. Paul amendment #2039 (collective bargaining prohibition);
      11. Casey amendment #2042 (maintain current delivery time for market-dominant products);
      12. Paul amendment #2038 (first-class mail and mailbox use);
      13. Landrieu amendment #2072 (small business impact of closures/consolidations);
      14. DeMint amendment #2046 (employee authorization re: using dues for union non-representational activities);
      15. McCaskill amendment #2030 (workers compensation);
      16. Coburn amendment #2059 (require closure of unprofitable post office facilities);
      17. Pryor amendment #2036 (sense of Senate re: closings and consolidations);
      18. Rockefeller amendment #2073 (Medicare enrollment);
      19. Rockefeller amendment #2074 (Postal Service Health Benefits Program);
      20. Schumer amendment #2050 (maintain all current door delivery point services);
      21. Tester amendment #2032 (limit pay of Postal Service executives); and
      22. Warner amendment #2071, as modified (retirement reporting).
    • Upon disposition of S. 1789, the Postal Reform bill, the Motion to Proceed to S. 1925, the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization bill, will be Agreed to and the Senate will begin consideration of the bill.
The Senate stands adjourned until 9:30 AM Wednesday, April 25th.