Floor Updates

Kyl, Leahy, Feinstein, Lee

Farm bill (S. 3240)/Executive Session

Jun 11 2012

05:30 PM

Senator Kyl: (4:14 PM)
  • Spoke on the Hurwitz nomination.

Senator Leahy: (4:37 PM)
  • Spoke on judicial nominations.
    • SUMMARY "We should acknowledge that we already confirmed 150 of President Bush's circuit and district court nominees nine months earlier in his third year in office. In other words, who had matched what we have done so far for President Obama. We would have had to have had this number way last year. I mention that because we are far behind in the consideration of President Obama's nominees. Part of that is because a large number of nominees went through the Judiciary Committee last year, would normally be passed by voice vote within a week or so after they went through, but delayed until the following year. I point out another thing is that today is June 11, but by June 15 of President Bush's fourth year in office the senate already confirmed 180 federal circuit and district court judges. 150 for President Obama, 180 for President Bush. 30 more judges who have been allowed to consider and confirmed during President Obama's administration to date. There is still 70 judicial vacancies around the country. That's more than when President Obama came to office. One of the reasons it's more is that Democrats in control, we moved President Bush's much faster than Republicans have allowed to us move President Obama's. There are 18 judicial nominees sitting here waiting to be, for final Senate consideration. They have been approved by the Judiciary Committee, bipartisan vote. It's my hope the Senate will be allowed to consider those other nominees and make real progress ... We seem to have a new standard that's required for President Obama that wasn't required of the other Presidents since I've been here ... So for the 28th time the Majority Leader has been forced to file for cloture to get an up-or-down vote on one of President Obama's judicial nominations. By comparison, during the entire eight years - not three and a half years, but eight years that President Bush was in office, cloture was filed in connection with 18 of his judicial nominees, most of whom were not confirmed or not passed out of the Judiciary Committee by a bipartisan majority. Most were opposed as extreme ideologues."
  • Spoke on the Hurwitz nomination.

Senator Feinstein: (5:03 PM)
  • Spoke on the Hurwitz nomination.

Senator Lee: (5:16 PM)
  • Spoke on the Hurwitz nomination.