Alexander (UC), Johnson, Donnelly, Murray, Isakson, Tester, Murkowski

Executive Session (Brouillette Nomination)

Senator Alexander: (11:36 p.m.)

  • Unanimous Consent –
    • After the disposition of the Brouillette nomination, the Senate resume consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R. 2430, with all post-cloture time be expired and the motion to proceed be agreed to.
    • Further, there be no amendments in order to H.R. 2430, that there be ten minutes of debate equally divided in the usual form.
    • Following the use or yielding back of that time the bill will be read a third time and the Senate will VOTE on adoption of the bill with no intervening action or debate.
    • (Without objection) 


Senator Johnson: (11:39 a.m)

  • Spoke on the Right to Try Act.
    • "I'd also like to thank a very special person, Dr. Dell Poussant. Dr. Poussaint is an oncologist from Houston, Texas. He was engaged in an F.D.A trial with cancer. With 150 patients the drug was working so he petitioned the F.D.A to allow another 78 patients to participate in the trial. The F.D.A said no. Dr. Dell Poussaint said yes, putting his career at risk. It's that kind of courage that we want to reward today by passing this right to try bill. But in general, or in conclusion I want to thank the thousands of patients, their families who have taken their wheelchairs, gone to their state capitals, come here to Washington, D.C. And advocate for their personal freedom, their personal liberty, for their right to try, for their right to hope and for the right to hope of millions of other Americans faced with these incurable diseases."


Senator Donnelly: (11:46 a.m)

  • Spoke on the Right to Try Act.
    • "I thank my colleague, the senator from Wisconsin, Senator Johnson, for all he's done to spearhead this effort. This giving folks a shot. It doesn't provide any guarantees, but it allows folks to be able to take their care into their own hands, to make judgments and to decide, I want to take a shot at this. For me, it was a wonderful family from Indiana, who, by the way, this morning, Mr. Chairman, they are at Lego Land down in Florida because our young boy is getting along, but time is ticking. Jordan has multiple sclerosis, and his mom said we want a chance to make Jordan better. That's what this bill do. To all the families that senator Johnson mentioned, we're so proud of you."


Senator Murray: (11:47 a.m)

  • Spoke on FDA reauthorization.
    • "Passing the F.D.A reauthorization act is necessary if Congress wants to advance safe, effective and innovative medical products for patients and families across the country. I would add, Mr. President, when we pass this reauthorization today, more than 5,000 employees at F.D.A will able to continue their critical work without worry of interruption. They work every day to help advance medical innovations to patients. I am pleased to have worked alongside the chairman of the work committee, the senior senator from Tennessee and all of our colleagues on and off the floor to bring these finalized agreements. They reflect years of negotiations between the F.D.A and industry and incorporate input from patient and consumer groups and support some of our most urgent priorities. Restructuring the bio-drug fees, making sure that patients are considered in the drug and device development and passing these agreements."


Senator Isakson: (11:54 a.m)

  • Spoke on veterans' legislation.
    • "Ranking Member Tester and I worked to make sure that we dealt with the needs that the V.A had so that the stories we see on the front pages of papers, stories about people being mistreated or having to wait so long for their appointments. We have given the tools to take care of that. I told the ranking member, this is called the no excuses day. The secretary will have no excuses for any mistakes, any tools that he needs to see that we are responsive to the veterans of America passed in the senate and passed in the house. Six major bills in the first seven months of this year, a remarkable achievement. It is a testimony to teamwork, the staff, and a testament to the leaders of the Democrat and Republican parties. The majority leader and minority leader made it possible."


Senator Tester: (11:56 a.m)

  • Spoke on veterans' legislation.
    • "I thank Chairman Isakson for his great work on the V.A Committee. We have gotten a lot of work done this Congress. We haven't put up artificial barriers. We sat down and all realized that taking care of veterans is a cost of war. We need to live up to the promises made to those folks when they signed up. We have done some good work. It is not only Johnny, it's not only myself, it's also the people who served on that committee, many of whom are in the chairman per and I thank them - chairman, and I thank them. It is about work together. It is about talking to folks. It's about compromise and it's about not digging in, but moving together. This is a great country and it was built by people working together."


Senator Murkowksi: (11:59 a.m)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Dan Brouillette to be Deputy Secretary of Energy.
    • "He has a long distinguished service to our nation. He's a veteran. He served at the Department of Energy. He has been the staff director for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. He's held high level posts in the private sector, first as senior vice president of Ford. He has thorough knowledge of the department he has chosen to return to. He understands the work that has thousands of scientists undertakes and the importance of maximizing research efforts especially in a time of constrained federal budgets. He recognizes the importance of our 17 national labs and the department's responsibility for environmental management, including the cleanup of Cold War era legacy sites."