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Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl, both Republicans, say significant changes must be made before they can support President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan.

Kyl said the $890 billion plan contains too much pork.

"Calling these things stimulus does not make them stimulus," he said. "They shouldn't be in this bill."

The Democrats "keep adding to the costs rather than dealing with the fundamental problem which is that there's very little in this bill that creates jobs," Kyl told News/Talk 92-3 KTAR's "Ankarlo Mornings."

He said the bill needs priorities.

"We know what the first problem is, the first problem is housing. Let's fix housing first. We've got some ideas to do that. Target exactly what can be done to create jobs."

Helping small businesses with taxes is another better way of helping the economy instead of all the junk in the bill, said Kyl.

Kyl, the Senate Republican whip, said he will not support the plan unless projects that don't immediately give the economy a boost are removed.

"We're going to have to see some significant reductions in the wasteful Washington spending before we know that this is something that will actually help, rather than hurt, the American economy," Kyl said.

Sen. John McCain echoed Kyl's comments.

"It doesn't stimulate, it just spends," said McCain.

McCain said Republicans are working on a better plan.

"We have to have a proposal of our own. This is approximately $445 billion, $275 billion in tax cuts."

McCain said the reason the Democrats' plan totals nearly $1 trillion is because its chock full of wasteful spending.

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