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Oct 02 2013 04:49 PM

Morning Business

Senator Barrasso: (4:42 PM)
  • Spoke on the CR (Obamacare).
    • SUMMARY "Instead of doubling down on a broken system, the president should grant all Americans a one-year delay, the exact same delay that he gave their bosses. The president talks a lot about a fair shake for all Americans. You heard it in his campaign speeches. You hear it as he goes around and talks to groups. And he uses the word with - quite frequently. But Obamacare, unfortunately, delivers the exact opposite. What the president has done unilaterally gone outside the law to grant special deals to almost everyone except the people who need it the most, which are the hardworking American public. He basically, I believe, shut down the federal government in order to continue his own policy of his health care law picking winners and losers. This can't continue. The good news is that today, after once again attempting to lead from behind in a crisis, the president is finally having congressional leaders down to the White House within the next hour to meet with him. This is an opportunity for the president to do the right thing, to open the government and to finally deliver fairness for these Americans under the health care law. After all, if we're going to give people's bosses a break from the mandates of the health care law the president ought to give hardworking Americans a break. If the president decides that his own administration and White House employees and members of Congress has special treatment under the health care larks that shouldn't be so. That should be eliminated."
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