Jul 08 2015

Senate Republicans work to hold the administration accountable as talks with Iran over its nuclear program continue.

Jun 25 2015

Senate Republicans continue to lead the charge to secure the vital resources that our troops, veterans, wounded warriors, and service members need. Bipartisan passage of the National Defense Authorization Act is being threatened with a veto from the president and support for the defense appropriations it authorizes were filibustered by Senate Democrats.

Jun 16 2015

Democrats are playing politics with our troops' well-being. Meanwhile, as our national defense hangs in limbo, Democrats continue to push the broken promises of Obamacare. Senate Republicans remain committed to supporting our troops and replacing the president's broken health care law with real solutions.

Jun 09 2015

Jun 02 2015

Republican senators discuss trade and national security.

May 13 2015

The Senate continues the push for trade promotion authority, which will help the U.S. secure favorable trade deals that will break down barriers facing U.S. products and services.

May 05 2015

Senate Republicans continue to lead bipartisan efforts to make sure that Iran is held accountable and that American products face fewer barriers around the globe.

Apr 28 2015

The Senate, under the new Republican majority, continues to push forward on bipartisan efforts to ensure Americans' voices are heard on important issues like Iran.

Apr 21 2015

Republicans pledged to get Washington working again for the American people, and in just 100 days, we've made significant progress. The Senate has conducted more than 100 amendment roll call votes in just the first three and a half months of the 114th Congress. That's roughly seven times as many amendment roll call votes as were conducted all of last year. With a dozen bipartisan bills already passed – including Keystone XL, TRIA, the Clay Hunt Act, and permanent doc fix – the Senate is getting back to work.

Apr 14 2015