Our View

From the Conference

  • Today, in what was framed as a major policy speech, President Obama offered no new solutions to the ongoing economic challenges facing small businesses and the middle class.
  • President Obama's policies have failed to make things better and have resulted in the worst economic recovery in over 60 years.
  • Republicans continue to offer better solutions.

Over Three Years Later, Obama Offers No New Solutions

  • Today's speech was another missed opportunity for the Obama administration to lay out a new strategy to help the over 23 million Americans who are either unemployed or underemployed.
  • Obama continues to offer the same failed ideas of more government spending, more debt, and higher taxes on job creators.

Obama's Policies Have Failed to Make Things Better

  • Obama's near trillion-dollar stimulus failed, and unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 40 consecutive months, which is a post-WWII record.
  • Middle-class incomes have dropped $4,350 since Obama was elected, and over the past few years average household wealth has dropped almost 40 percent.
  • In 2012, the deficit will exceed $1 trillion for a record fourth straight year.

Republicans Continue to Offer Better Solutions

  • Reform the tax code to fuel economic growth.
  • Stop job-killing regulations.
  • Increase energy security to create homegrown American jobs.
  • Cut reckless spending.