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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Barrasso, R.-Wyo., is demanding that Congress move forward with approved projects.


Federal restrictions on oil and gas exploration are causing major hold ups in domestic oil and gas development. As of late June, there were 2,589 applications to drill that were awaiting approval in Wyoming's Powder River Basin alone.


"Substantial administrative hoops dramatically delay oil and gas exploration and production even on valid, existing leases," Barrasso said in his speech to the Senate.


Barrasso pinpointed where Congress should focus their effort to increase domestic supply.


"For people to say that oil and gas operators are sitting on leases without any intent to drill is intentionally misleading. In my state, producers want to drill; they are waiting for the government traffic cops to give them the green light."


In response to calls of "use it or lose it" for existing leases from Congressional Democrats, Barrasso said, "the punishing tactics being proposed are like leasing an apartment only to have your landlord withhold the keys and complain about why you haven't moved in."


"The workers are ready and literally standing by," Barrasso said. "All we're waiting for now is the government paperwork."