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"Better Off"?

On President Obama and Majority Leader Reid's watch: - Household income has plummeted by more than $3300 - Family health insurance premiums have skyrocketed by nearly $3000 - The average...... Read More

Democrats Are Running Scared

Democrats are desperate to escape the ObamaCare train wreck they set in motion.... Read More

The Senate is in session.

Today -  The Senate will convene at 11:00 am.  Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will be in a period of morning business until 2:00 pm. ... Read More

Senate GOP: Fighting for Working Families

GOP solutions to help working families: · Fix the 30-hour workweek rule that is cutting worker hours · Expand workplace flexibility to help workers address work-life balance · Approve...... Read More

#ObamaCare Headlines Week in Review: "More Unpopular Than Ever" http://t.co/DFvEBSskTr http://t.co/b1MXgBEIvL
.@SenJohnBarrasso: "What people are seeing is higher premium rates, higher deductibles, higher co-pays, loss of doctors." #BrokenPromises
.@SenJohnBarrasso: "Rates continue to go up, the president said they would go down - Nancy Pelosi said they would go down for everyone."
.@SenJohnBarrasso: "The president said actually the costs would go down, not up, under [#ObamaCare]." #BrokenPromises
RT @RepEricCantor: It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. http://t.co/8PRCU
Politicians who sold #ObamaCare to the American people made promises they knew they wouldn't be able to keep: http://t.co/yjKNTBvPv2
Brought to you by the "Affordable" Care Act: http://t.co/yjKNTBvPv2
RT @RoyBlunt: My op-ed in @WashTimes prior to Pres Obama's speech today in #KC http://t.co/kygQWXrVCC
It's time for Senator Reid to act on the 40 House-passed jobs bills that are #StuckInTheSenate. http://t.co/mLBFnH1aPz
If #ObamaCare lived up to the promises made by the Dems who sold it, Americans wouldn't be struggling with this pain: http://t.co/cv29YB1leO
VIDEO: A Crisis of Competence http://t.co/gsyLCzN7Wl #ObamaEconomy
RT @SenJohnThune: I stand with Israel, America's friend and ally, and its right to defend itself. http://t.co/NAFKT6Vt9G #StandWithIsrael
RT @SenTedCruz: Speaking on the Senate floor now. Watch here: http://t.co/ooieKEblb4 #StandWithIsrael
RT @McConnellPress: Republicans Voice Support for the Defense of #Israel http://t.co/PK5zAimx1p
"We stand with the people of Israel and their right to defend themselves" - Sen. @KellyAyotte http://t.co/HTgJ0H2kJV
RT @McConnellPress: Sen. McConnell: I support any effort which brings this campaign to an end in a manner that increases #Israel's security.
RT @GrahamBlog: Now speaking on the Senate floor about Israel. WATCH: http://t.co/6pcHznuiGH
"Republicans are united in our support of Israel's defense ..." - Leader McConnell http://t.co/HTgJ0H2kJV
Must read: "The Senate: Where Inaction And Incompetence Kill Hope" - @SenJohnBarrasso op-ed http://t.co/UgNjhMIf2i via @IBDinvestors
"Some Florida doctors are refusing to accept #ObamaCare" http://t.co/CLEdk2Hroc via @middlegeorgia #BrokenPromises
RT @SenJohnThune: "Obama's foreign policy reveals the effects of disengagement" http://t.co/5LXdOQIWIi via @hiattf @washingtonpost
From foreign policy to domestic policy, President Obama is checked out. http://t.co/P1gm6ZydGh
Sunday show lineup for July 27: @JohnCornyn (ABC's "This Week") and @GrahamBlog (CNN's "State of the Union") #FF