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Providing for the Common Defense

Senate Republicans continue to lead the charge to secure the vital resources that our troops, veterans, wounded warriors, and service members need. Bipartisan passage of the National Defense Authorization Act is being threatened with a veto from the president and support for the de... Read More

Democrats Play Politics With American Priorities

Democrats are playing politics with our troops' well-being. Meanwhile, as our national defense hangs in limbo, Democrats continue to push the broken promises of Obamacare. Senate Republicans remain committed to supporting our troops and replacing the president's broken health c... Read More

Consideration of the Cybersecurity Bill

The Senate will convene at 10:00am. Following Leader remarks, the Senate will be in a period of morning business for one hour, with Senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each, with the Republicans controlling the first half and the Democrats controlling ... Read More

Promoting Global Stability

Republican senators discuss trade and national security.... Read More

Strength at Home and Abroad

Senate Republicans continue to lead bipartisan efforts to make sure that Iran is held accountable and that American products face fewer barriers around the globe.... Read More

Pass complete! Thanks for the #MontanaRoadTrip, @stevedaines. Next, we're touching down in the… https://t.co/NGzR1qXFtF
The Republican-led Senate is #BackToWork. https://t.co/oaWzDxomb3
RT @Senate_RPC: Just a few examples of how the Republican-led Senate is #backtowork for the American people: http://t.co/WoXHo9GwBr
"The Obama @EPA strikes again, and it's bad news for American consumers." - @SenJohnThune http://t.co/BRMiAplGnL
RT @Senate_RPC: "Protect Women's Health, not Planned Parenthood" - Latest from Senate RPC on tonight's vote http://t.co/B3NhXsAU16 http://t
RT @SenatorIsakson: Today the Senate will consider legislation that I am proud to co-sponsor to #DefundPlannedParenthood. http://t.co/StXiB…
RT @McConnellPress: Senate Bill Would Fund Women's Health, Not Scandal-Plagued #PlannedParenthood http://t.co/qreLUE7tTU http://t.co/BdmB2B…
RT @SenJoniErnst: .@TIME: Op-ed with @SenLankford & @RandPaul on defunding #PlannedParenthood and safeguarding women's health services http
29 years ago today Cindy and I got engaged on the peak behind us. #4KidsLater #3DogsLaterhttps://t.co/p9HJN2EHp4
"#DRIVEAct provides much-needed transportation funding and reform." -@SenJohnThune http://t.co/Q5tlnqD4rF http://t.co/jYcjCI74gB
GOP-led Senate passes the bipartisan #DRIVEAct to ensure Americans have the transportation infrastructure they need. http://t.co/9S3NvBuvO1
My daughter @acdaines and I never go out of style. cc: taylorswift. @stevedaines here with… https://t.co/55RHYF9NPA
@SteveDaines says "@SenatorTimScott's socks have nothing on my boots." Follow @SteveDaines as he… https://t.co/NszZOA7os9
LIVE on #Periscope: "Fund Women's Health, Not Planned Parenthood" #defundPP https://t.co/0Te4G7oPha
"Fund Women's Health, Not Planned Parenthood" presser will be broadcast live on @periscopeco at 2:00 p.m. EDT via @Senate_GOPs #DefundPP
#DefundPP presser at 2 p.m. EDT w/ @SenateMajLdr, @JohnCornyn, @SenJoniErnst, and @SenJohnThune. Watch live at: https://t.co/4JAaoVyX4h
RT @SenJoniErnst: WATCH today's press conference on legislation to protect women's health care & defund #PlannedParenthood at 1PM CT: https
"Fund Women's Health, Not Planned Parenthood" presser with @SenateMajLdr at 2 p.m. EDT. #DefundPP Watch live here: https://t.co/4JAaoVQysR
RT @SenateMajLdr: The #Senate is on the verge of another important victory for the American people. #DriveAct #highway #backtowork http://t
RT @JohnBoozman: Read about the bill I am cosponsoring to prohibit federal funding of #PlannedParenthood: http://t.co/q8cgxb1F2q #DefundPla…
RT @SenatorLankford: Presser for my #DefundPP bill w/ @SenJoniErnst, @SenateMajLdr & @RandPaul at 2pm ET/1pm CT. WATCH LIVE here: https://t
The Republican-led Senate is "Keeping America Strong" at home and abroad. #DRIVEAct #IranDeal https://t.co/kaieJIJYMO
"When it comes to major infrastructure projects, our states deserve certainty." - @SenatorFischer #DRIVEAct http://t.co/deJnrURiMM
RT @SteveDaines: Just reached 400 Instagram followers. If you like Montana scenery, puppies, boots and chickens check out @stevedaines on I…
RT @SenateMajLdr: The #Senate is working on a long-term #highway bill to help bring America's infrastructure up to speed. #DriveAct http://
The #DriveAct supports the surface infrastructure needed to ensure America can compete with the world. http://t.co/mmZfWAttO4