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Getting the Senate Working Again

The new Republican majority will get the Senate working again.... Read More

The Senate is not in session

The Senate will next convene Monday, December 1st at 2:00pm. ... Read More

"Better Off"?

On President Obama and Majority Leader Reid's watch: - Household income has plummeted by more than $3300 - Family health insurance premiums have skyrocketed by nearly $3000 - The average...... Read More

Senate GOP: Fighting for Working Families

GOP solutions to help working families: · Fix the 30-hour workweek rule that is cutting worker hours · Expand workplace flexibility to help workers address work-life balance · Approve...... Read More

RT @SenJohnThune: Election night message not received // NYT: "Charles E. Schumer to Urge Democrats to 'Embrace Government'" http://t.co/4V
"This Thanksgiving, Americans are grateful for many things, but the IRS is not one of them." -@SenOrrinHatch http://t.co/6DDHia3jmL
After the president's executive action yesterday on #immigration, Republicans have one question: what changed? http://t.co/Jr9FkURdgf
When it comes to #ObamaCare math, the administration gets a failing grade #mathishard http://t.co/iyoxYE1Zyo http://t.co/20E3Nh1PQA
The president said one thing and did another on #immigration … it's déjà vu. http://t.co/TeyZUH6V63
Three Pinocchios for Obama on #KeystoneXL crude going 'everywhere else' but U.S. http://t.co/SEjxTpWMtR
56% of Americans do not want the president to lead on policy http://t.co/Jed6gSIfwp
For the new Republican majority, jobs and the economy will be the priority #KeystoneXL http://t.co/Fq4u8jBdXJ
22 times President Obama said he couldn't do what he's about to do #immigration http://t.co/9W5EjJhUm8
#ObamaCare was sold to Americans as not taxing health plans - but that's exactly what it does. http://t.co/hrJKOmef3y
RT @SenDanCoats: Passing a Keystone XL pipeline bill will be a top priority of a Republican Senate in 2015
RT @SenatorTimScott: It's disappointing that Senate Democrats & the President continue to block construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. h
RT @ENR_GOP: Sen. Murkowski disappointed with Senate's failure to pass Keystone. Vows vote on Keystone in new Congress. http://t.co/fYu54Dx
RT @RoyBlunt: Retweet if you think we need common-sense #AmericanEnergy solutions like #KeystoneXL
One upside-down Pinocchio for Pres. Obama's flip-flop on using executive action on #immigration. http://t.co/BNZ9Fluw4i
The #Senate should pass #KeystoneXL bill for the right reasons - to put more Americans back to work. http://t.co/7SvDm4mUIt