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Mike Enzi (R-WY) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On The 2016 Budget

In the Weekly Republican Address, Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, previews the Fiscal Year 2016 budget blueprint that the Senate will vote on next week. While the Obama Administration is spending more and taxing more than ever, Enzi says, the ... Read More

The Senate is not in session.

The Senate will convene at 2:00pm on Monday, April 13, 2015.... Read More

RT @SenatorEnzi: The American people deserve a #BalancedBudget that will help cultivate jobs. #EconomicGrowth http://t.co/WtMiiUMXw6
RT @SenatorTimScott: And #VoteARama marches on! Quick shot of the Capitol through the glass&rain from the basement of the Visitors Center.
RT @SenJohnThune: #TBT to the time when 1/3 of SD farms weren't threatened by the Death Tax #DeathTaxRepeal http://t.co/32Q3wBy4h2
RT @CommerceGOP: LIVE on #Periscope: And on net neutrality https://t.co/ZhFOYMyr4I
RT @SenJohnThune: .@JerryMoran and I are about to go live on @periscopeco http://t.co/S6OoRPdDhG
RT @CommerceGOP: *NOTE* Must download the app @periscopeco to watch the live-streaming video of @SenJohnThune and @JerryMoran: https://t.co
RT @CommerceGOP: LIVE FROM THE CAPITOL IN ~20 MINS: @JerryMoran and @SenJohnThune are trying out the new live-streaming video app, @perisco…
RT @SenJohnThune: I reintroduced a bill today permanently abolishing the 99 year old Death Tax. #DeathTaxRepeal http://t.co/MH6mxMZfrd http
RT @Senate_RPC: "Under my plan…electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." -Sen. Obama @RoyBlunt & @SenJohnThune #budget amdt 928 http:
RT @SenatorEnzi: In last 6 years, Senate has only passed 2 budgets. With congress under new management, on track to pass a #BalancedBudget
Nearly 70% of likely voters think having the IRS enforce ObamaCare is wasting govt resources. http://t.co/GLjgvIawlW http://t.co/9XpzDoYHnE
RT @CommerceGOP: #TBT - An "Apple watch" in 1934 vs. now. Why would we want a law from 1934 regulating the Internet? #OpenInternet http://t
RT @SenCapito: VIDEO: The Senate GOP #BalancedBudget will get our fiscal house in order. Watch & RT https://t.co/vQQmkpohtw
RT @SenatorTimScott: Getting ready for budget #VoteARama, may be voting from this afternoon through the night into tomorrow morning. Favori…
RT @SenatorLankford: WATCH @SenatorHeitkamp & I launch our new initiative to #CutRedTape shortly. Catch it LIVE: https://t.co/v77Y5naACm
President Obama…increasing spending by 65% one decade at a time. #BalancedBudget http://t.co/o8OwsAL82w
The president's budgets are so unserious that they've received just 3 yes votes of 1,124 votes cast #BalancedBudget http://t.co/1IKuWkXXO2
It is time to stop talking and start acting. #BalancedBudget http://t.co/nJduTeiAFx
Senate Republicans are working hard to build a fresh path forward for the American people. #BalancedBudget https://t.co/NOi8BcmQ0B
"Washington must live within its means" by @SenatorEnzi http://t.co/KWmH5bDRTK via @usatoday http://t.co/kyGbCCFJKa
MT @SenateMajLdr: This #balancedbudget makes government more accountable, efficient, and accessible. http://t.co/PspYWTu7vM
.@SenCoryGardner: "Thanks, #ObamaCare. This country deserves better. #BrokenPromises" http://t.co/ZXOuZbVmAY
.@SenatorRounds: "The story that you keep your insurance has been found to be not true." #BrokenPromises #ObamaCare http://t.co/9S2VFX042L
.@SenatorLankford: "This is the reality of what happens with #ObamaCare: people really do lose coverage." http://t.co/soRgQwx3u0
.@SenTomCotton: "#ObamaCare is only 5 years old, many Arkansans already feel like it's been weighing on them for 10" http://t.co/3sHbvRx62D
Doctor @BillCassidy: "The whole premise of this is that government knows best." #ObamaCare #BrokenPromises http://t.co/g4HHlgzV5n
WATCH Senator @SenJoniErnst deliver her Miaden Speech to the #Senate live right now. http://t.co/nKbWpEKvUp