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Obstructor in Chief

President Obama says he wants to work with Congress: "I'm eager to work with the new Congress to make the next two years as productive as possible." Yet he's already vetoed one bipartisan bill this year and issued another 13 veto threats on bills designed to help ... Read More

Consideration of the DHS Appropriations Bill

The Senate will convene at 11:00am.  Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R.240, post cloture, with all time during adjournment or recess count as post-cloture time. Senators will be notified when votes are... Read More

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On The President's Budget

In the Weekly Republican Address, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio says President Obama failed to make the tough choices in his federal budget blueprint for fiscal year 2016, proposing $1 trillion in higher spending and $8.5 trillion in new debt. "Instead of proposing polices tha... Read More

#ObamaCare causing some tax season trauma for the American people this year. http://t.co/fy6YsMb8Wf http://t.co/6tiGsTWZPn
RT @SenBobCorker: Can we end it? It's our moral obligation to try. #EndSlaveryAct #EndItMovement http://t.co/KS9u7B5Qw6
RT @SenatorFischer: Disappointed in FCC's regulatory overreach on Title II & municipal broadband today. We don't need a federal takeover of…
RT @SenDanSullivan: Today's @FCC #NetNeutrality proposal is yet another partisan power grab by the Obama administration.
RT @McConnellPress: McConnell Condemns FCC's Move to Put Internet Under Control of Federal Bureaucrats http://t.co/cUCkfgVSPR
RT @CommerceGOP: .@SenJohnThune at #NJConversation: It will be increasingly clear that a legislative solution is best way to ensure #NetNeu
RT @nielslesniewski: The Thing is covered in snow this morning. http://t.co/6A4GIHgFv2
.@SenSasse: "A First Step on the Way Out of #ObamaCare" http://t.co/8Ew5AYwUgO via @WSJ
RT @RoyBlunt: America's veterans deserve the best care available. I'll keep fighting to protect these heroes & their families. http://t.co/
Another veto threat added to the list → http://t.co/VVXsw8duYH #ObstructorInChief
RT @CommerceGOP: Don't break the #OpenInternet, @FCC. Tomorrow, the @FCC votes on a secret 332-page plan to regulate the Internet. http://t
One problem after another with #ObamaCarehttp://t.co/3mqVRwReiI
RT @JerryMoran: Packed joint veterans hearing w/ @AmericanLegion-it was a real honor to introduce Kansan & National Commander Helm. http:/
"Republicans not giving up on net neutrality" http://t.co/9BUkqOjx2U via @thehill http://t.co/aesH1eSLBl
RT @ENR_GOP: .@Interior @SecretaryJewell admits "it's not easy to do biz on federal lands" - let's change that! https://t.co/qjyGCE8VgT
.@SenJohnThune on president's veto threats: If they continue at same rate, "we'd be looking at almost 90 veto threats by the end of 2015."
POTUS says he wants to work with Congress, yet he's issued one veto threat after another: http://t.co/VVXsw8v5Qf #ObstructorInChief
With such important issues facing America, Republicans are leading with serious solutions. https://t.co/Mip9dw1r8Y
RT @SenCoryGardner: Mr. President, for jobs, for our economy, and for energy independence: Sign the bipartisan #KeystoneXL legislation. htt
RT @SenJoniErnst: I urge President Obama to reconsider his veto threat & work w/ Congress to enact the #KeystoneXL jobs bill into law. http
Be sure to follow #Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell → @SenateMajLdr
RT @SenateMajLdr: Today, America's New Congress sent the bipartisan #KeystoneXL infrastructure jobs bill (S. 1) to the President. http://t.
RT @HouseGOP: #KeystoneXL: Signed. Sealed. Delivered. http://t.co/8sVL0o8HIT http://t.co/ZD1mJztI2Z
RT @SenatorRounds: After 6+ yrs of delays, #KeystoneXL was finally sent to the President's desk. RT to urge him to sign it into law. http:/
RT @SteveDaines: Mr. President, it's time to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. RT if you agree. http://t.co/zBKHrkudpv
POTUS "is sadly mistaken if he thinks vetoing this bill will end this fight" - @SpeakerBoehner & @McConnellPress http://t.co/UgZfvDgsHy #KXL
.@SenJohnBarrasso on #DHS: "Democrats continue to filibuster our efforts to actually even get on the bill, to have a meaningful discussion."
Learn more about the annual reading of Washington's Farewell Address and its tradition http://t.co/k82kVPesHK #Senate http://t.co/FKoZGd4tef
Around 3 p.m. EST, .@SenJohnHoeven will deliver Washington's Farewell Address. Watch here: http://t.co/XoanLHYiNp http://t.co/eodvIDoC8A
RT @KellyAyotte: 70 yrs ago NHer Cpl Rene A Gagnon carried the US Flag & raised it w/ #Marines on Iwo Jima. Honoring #WWII vets today http: