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Getting the Senate Working Again

The new Republican majority will get the Senate working again.... Read More

"Better Off"?

On President Obama and Majority Leader Reid's watch: - Household income has plummeted by more than $3300 - Family health insurance premiums have skyrocketed by nearly $3000 - The average...... Read More

Pepper, Sannes, Arleo, Beetleston, and Bolden Nominations.

Today-  The Senate will convene at 9:30am.  Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will be in a period of Morning business.  The time from 1:00 to 2:00pm will be under Republican control, and the time from 2:00 to 3:00pm will be under Democratic co... Read More

Senate GOP: Fighting for Working Families

GOP solutions to help working families: · Fix the 30-hour workweek rule that is cutting worker hours · Expand workplace flexibility to help workers address work-life balance · Approve...... Read More

Three Pinocchios for Obama on #KeystoneXL crude going 'everywhere else' but U.S. http://t.co/SEjxTpWMtR
56% of Americans do not want the president to lead on policy http://t.co/Jed6gSIfwp
For the new Republican majority, jobs and the economy will be the priority #KeystoneXL http://t.co/Fq4u8jBdXJ
22 times President Obama said he couldn't do what he's about to do #immigration http://t.co/9W5EjJhUm8
#ObamaCare was sold to Americans as not taxing health plans - but that's exactly what it does. http://t.co/hrJKOmef3y
RT @SenDanCoats: Passing a Keystone XL pipeline bill will be a top priority of a Republican Senate in 2015
RT @SenatorTimScott: It's disappointing that Senate Democrats & the President continue to block construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. h
RT @ENR_GOP: Sen. Murkowski disappointed with Senate's failure to pass Keystone. Vows vote on Keystone in new Congress. http://t.co/fYu54Dx
RT @RoyBlunt: Retweet if you think we need common-sense #AmericanEnergy solutions like #KeystoneXL
One upside-down Pinocchio for Pres. Obama's flip-flop on using executive action on #immigration. http://t.co/BNZ9Fluw4i
The #Senate should pass #KeystoneXL bill for the right reasons - to put more Americans back to work. http://t.co/7SvDm4mUIt
RT @SenJohnThune: 2014 PolitiFact #lieoftheyear? // Politico: "Obama: We didn't mislead on health care" http://t.co/eEL7A1WX0O
RT @senrobportman: #KeystoneXL would create tens of thousands of U.S. jobs & boost Ohio's manufacturing sector. @SquawkCNBC http://t.co/oiN
The truth about #ObamaCare is clear: It's a "tax machine" that is hurting the #middleclass. http://t.co/Sh1y9iYpEJ
RT @HouseGOP: RT to wish @SpeakerBoehner a Happy Birthday! http://t.co/8Fi2Jg4rPz
RT @JohnBoozman: What does Jonathan Gruber's comments reveal about the mindset of Obamacare authors? http://t.co/dEZlVc6aJu
#ObamaCare was sold to the American people on a "foundation of lies" http://t.co/CMap1gWKd9 http://t.co/sKTKGoqq0v
RT @RoyBlunt: We're a nation of laws. Let's remind the president. RT if you believe Pres Obama should not take unilateral action on immigra…
RT @SenatorTimScott: I discussed my #OpportunityAgenda last night on CNN with @DonLemon --you can watch here: http://t.co/1kgOMubFIx
The new Republican majority will get the Senate working again http://t.co/QgdB5DEuae
RT @SenatorWicker: Our Senate Republican leadership team is ready to go to bat for the American people. I am proud to be a part of it. http
RT @SenJohnMcCain: Congratulations to new Senate Majority Leader-Elect Mitch McConnell and his leadership team! #GOP
RT @RoyBlunt: Honored to be reelected GOP Conference Vice Chair. I'll continue bringing Missourians' concerns to the leadership table in ne…
RT @McConnellPress: Sen. McConnell has been unanimously re-elected Leader by his colleagues. #Senate
RT @SenJohnThune: It's an honor to be selected by my colleagues to serve as the Chair of the Republican Conference.
RT @SenJohnBarrasso: I'm grateful my colleagues have given me the opportunity to continue serving as @Senate_RPC chairman. http://t.co/M8o5
#Senate Republican Conference Elects Leadership for 114th Congress http://t.co/jdwpIQzXf2