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"Better Off"?

On President Obama and Majority Leader Reid's watch: - Household income has plummeted by more than $3300 - Family health insurance premiums have skyrocketed by nearly $3000 - The average...... Read More

Baran, Burns, Schwartz, Harrington, Robinson, Hartley, Hachigian, and Tanner Nominations

Today -  The Senate will convene at 10:00 am.  Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will proceed to a period of morning business until 12:30 pm. The Senate will recess from 12:30 pm until 2:15 pm to allow for the weekly caucus meetings. At 2:15 p... Read More

Democrats Are Running Scared

Democrats are desperate to escape the ObamaCare train wreck they set in motion.... Read More

Senate GOP: Fighting for Working Families

GOP solutions to help working families: · Fix the 30-hour workweek rule that is cutting worker hours · Expand workplace flexibility to help workers address work-life balance · Approve...... Read More

The #ObamaCare employer mandate "an incentive for employers to reduce hours" http://t.co/z3vBMw6lmX @JimAngleFox
Happy birthday, @SenatorKirk!
RT @GOPLeader: Bill count: 372 bills #StuckInTheSenate. RT to agree - it's time for Senate Dems to act on the American people's priorities.
.@AP: "Hurdles for Obama health law in 2nd sign-up season" http://t.co/tWc7n8ujCa #ObamaCare
RT @JohnBoozman: The Star Spangled Banner turns 200 today. Join me in celebrating the history of our national anthem. http://t.co/tsUkfcIPoo
The American people are sick of #ObamaCare's nauseatingly high costs http://t.co/R5i7bLT29h http://t.co/973HkOm0hm
RT @Senate_RPC: [New] Obamacare's War on Work and Wages. Recent evidence that Obamacare bears much blame for economic stagnation: http://t.
RT @SenateSAA: OTD in '01 many 1st responders died protecting & serving. Thanks to USCP for your dedication keeping the Senate safe. http:/
RT @SenJohnThune: According to emails, a $138k per yr #IRS employee was not only paid to do nothing, but was able to keep her job too. http
"Brace yourselves as we learn that it's about to worsen." - @Mike_Johanns http://t.co/8e4uEmkD0m #ObamaCare
"Affordable Care Act far from affordable" http://t.co/A9IqBAVDsX via @JuneauEmpire #ObamaCare
VIDEO: Leadership Vacuum http://t.co/7PzfK3nIJ8 #WheresTheLeadership
Dems willing to jeopardize Americans' freedom of speech in hopes of winning a few votes in November. http://t.co/KaIhcwFPyr
RT @SenOrrinHatch: Instead of addressing any number of pressing issues, Senate Democrats are once again trying to prohibit free speech http
Senate Democrats' constitutional amendment is bad news for Americans of every political affiliation. http://t.co/GwZPE1P8ys