Ensign: This Budget Needs Restraint, Spending Discipline

Senator John Ensign voted against a tax-and-spend budget today that saddles taxpayers with the largest tax increase in American history and fails to demonstrate fiscal discipline.
“Today’s vote was another disappointment for the taxpayers because this budget doesn’t show even a hint of restraint or spending discipline,” said Ensign. “Under this plan, taxes skyrocket, government grows, the national debt swells and entitlement spending remains a looming crisis.”
Under this budget, which passed the Senate today 48 – 45 without a majority of Senators, Nevadans on average will face a nearly $3,000 tax increase. Small businesses will pay more than $4,000 in additional taxes. To go along with these tax hikes, the Democrats’ budget increases spending by more than $200 billion.
“Washington needs to wake up. We cannot pass one irresponsible budget after another and expect the national debt to go away,” said Ensign. “This no-limit credit card Congress is swiping belongs to the American taxpayers. We need to be honest with the American people who were promised a different Washington – one that is committed to fiscal discipline; spending restraint; and smaller, more efficient government.”
“We need to start making tough choices in Washington,” said Ensign. “We need to make decisions that put our entitlements on a stable financial path and provide real tax relief to those who need it.”