Vitter Introduces Bailout Repayment Amendment

"The past six months have seen the highest levels of government spending in the history of the United States ,” said Vitter.  “We’ve now saddled several future generations with a significant amount of debt, and I am sure that there is still more to come.  This amendment would allow well-capitalized banks to repay those funds they were awarded under the bailout program, putting those tax dollars back into the federal treasury where they belong.”

Vitter’s amendment ensures that repayment is an option for banks that are well capitalized and would begin to create an exit strategy from the bailout program.

“It’s important that we encourage these institutions to do all they can to help improve our national economy,” Vitter said.  “For those banks that are fortunate enough to find themselves again in good standing, the procedure to repay bailout funds should be as streamlined as possible.  I think all Americans will welcome the idea of Congress putting a bailout exit strategy in place and taking the steps needed to help get our economy back on track.”