Not a Winning Issue

American people fed up with Democrats’ broken promises:

  • Daily Caller: Connecticut May Cut Coverage For 30,000 Obamacare Customers
  • The Fiscal Times: Obamacare Could Face Large Numbers of Dropouts
  • Fox News: Some ObamaCare patients with high deductibles turning to community care centers
  • WSMV: Family’s twins not covered by Affordable Care Act
  • One News Now: High ObamaCare deductibles send enrollees in search of free care
  • National Review Online: Editorial: Obamacare: Unpopular as Ever
  • WND: Feds Sued For Obamacare’s Privacy Rights Violation
  • The Advocate: Efforts to avoid Obamacare penalties said to be causing ‘havoc’ at East Baton Rouge public schools
  • Washington Post: Obama’s claim that Obamacare has reduced health-care inflation ‘every single year’ since it was passed