Second Verse, Same as the First

 Americans STILL don’t like ObamaCare:

  • Fox News: New polls show public skeptical about impact of ObamaCare
  • ABC News: Public Preference for a GOP Congress Marks a New Low in Obama’s Approval
  • The Hill: Dems don’t want to talk O-Care

 Stuck with smaller paychecks, higher costs, bigger headaches:

  • Forbes: Obamacare Canceled My Health Plan, And Increased My Premiums By 50 Percent, But At Least I’ll Have Maternity Care
  • Washington Examiner: Health care spending spikes at fastest rate since 1980 in first quarter of Obamacare
  • Forbes: 5.6M Small Businesses Blindsided By Obamacare

 What part of the law is working?

  • CNN: Latinos not signing up for Obamacare
  • Washington Post: Obamacare’s Hispanic enrollment is low, new HHS report shows
  • Politico: Behind the scenes, much of is still under construction
  • NPR: Giving Up On Its Obamacare Exchange No Cure For Oregon’s Ills
  • Washington Times: Price of fixing, upgrading Obamacare website rises to $121 million

The “victory lap” that wasn’t: 

  • Washington Post: The White House’s Obamacare victory lap looking more like a false start
  • CNN: Op-Ed: Obamacare: Saying ‘it’s working’ doesn’t make it true
  • Vox: Report: Many haven’t paid their Obamacare premiums
  • Daily Caller: Report: Just 2.4 Million Customers Paid Their First Premium
  • Washington Times: Health care bills still due for 3rd of enrollees, Republican polling shows
  • CBS (Washington): Report: Only 67 Percent Of Enrollees Paid First Month’s Premium For Obamacare
  • New York Times: Not All Health Care Premiums Are Paid Up, House Panel Says

For additional information, visit ObamaCare: Four Years of Broken Promises.