Summertime Blues

 Recovery? ObamaCare stifling growth:

  • CNBC: Obamacare Will Suck the Life Out of the Economy
  • Huffington Post: Maybe Obamacare Didn’t Save The U.S. Economy After All

 A major budget-buster:

  • Washington Post: Older women bear the brunt of higher insurance costs under Obamacare
  • Union Leader: Editorial: Exchange premiums: Subsidies and real costs
  • The Hill: Is health insurance worth the price?
  • Bloomberg: Op-Ed: Obamacare’s Prognosis Grows Dimmer
  • Obamacare: Michigan Hospice to Close, Major Insurer Announces Rate Hikes
  • CNBC: No Obamacare sunshine: Florida rates still secret

 Unhealthy exchanges:

  • Forbes: Young Obamacare Enrollees More Likely To Have Serious Health Problems
  • Daily Signal: Obamacare Exchanges Are ‘Disappointing’ With Fewer Than 4 Million Newly Insured. The Government Hoped for 26 Million.
  • USA Today: Washington won’t let me help my patients
  • KATU: Oracle: Cover Oregon website worked, but plug pulled for political reasons
  • The Daily Caller: Obamacare Employees Behind Failed Oregon Exchange Now Getting Cushy Bonuses