Brown, Sessions, Wyden, Hatch, Peters

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 1314)

Senator Brown: (3:28 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "If we're going to pursue aggressive trade promotion on aggressive trade promotion agenda, we owe it to our workers, we owe it to our businesses and communities to make sure they're ready for the competition that's about to come their way. And we have a moral obligation to help the families whose livelihoods would-be yanked out from under them. Not from something they did wrong, not from a decision they made but from a decision we in this body made to change the rules. We know that will happen. We saw it with NAFTA, we saw it with CAFTA, we're seeing it with Korea, we know we'll see it again with T.P.P. There's no question potential new trade agreements we're considering will create economic loss. There is no question that Americans will lose jobs. There is no question. Nobody disputes that. Are we not to take care of those workers that lose their jobs?"


Senator Sessions: (3:38 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "We can't reverse the effects of trade, but we can work, I think, for trade agreements that create a more level playing field against our good but mercantilist, aggressive trading partners who look for advantage every day, who lust after access to the American marketplace. That's what they want, and we don't have to give that access unless they treat our products with respect and allow access to their marketplaces. So many I'm afraid in our country have an inflexible ideology that the United States and the American people should allow for the completely unrestricted movement of goods and labor into the United States, even when our trading partners manipulate rules for their advantage. Those truest believers are most adamant about passing this fast-track legislation fastest possible, with least discussion possible. But the United States is a country, colleagues, not an economy, and a country's job is first and foremost to protect its citizens from military attacks and also from unfair trade policies that threaten our economic well-being."


Senator Wyden: (4:00 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "The data shows, from the Department of Commerce, that export jobs, which is the focus of this bill and the focus of trade done right, paid better than do the non-trade jobs because they have the kind of value-added kind of benefit to it. And I note from my friend from Alabama who cares a great deal about the steel industry sent a letter to Chairman Hatch and myself saying they were for this. The steel industry, the American steel industry sent a letter to Chairman Hatch and myself saying they were for this because they know that this is connected to producing more high-skill, high-wage jobs, particularly in manufacturing, where my state is a leader."


Senator Hatch: (4:10 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I mean, the National Association of Manufacturers is the largest manufacturing association in the United States. They're begging us to do this. The American manufacturers want T.P.A. What are we going to do, bury our head in the sand and say, that's not so? It's time for us to wake up and realize we got to get in the real world. This agreement has been well-thought-through. Is it perfect? Nothing is perfect around here, but it goes a long way towards resolving our problems, creating more jobs in America, more opportunities in America, more income in America, more economic stability in America. Without it, my gosh, what we going to be? Become just a nation that doesn't participate? When we have the capacity to participate all over the world."


Senator Peters: (4:31 PM)

  • Spoke on Rachel Jacobs.
    • "I rise today with a heavy heart and with great sadness to commemorate the life of Rachel Jacobs. Rachel was tragically killed in last week's Amtrak train crash. This morning my wife, Colleen and I joined hundreds of mourners who attended her funeral as she was laid to rest in metro Detroit. Rachel was only 39 years old when her life was so tragically cut short, a life filled with love, with accomplishment, and with promise."