Enzi, Sanders, Boxer

Budget Resolution (S. Con. Res. 11)

Senator Enzi: (10:49 AM)

  • Spoke on the budget.
    • "This is an important occurrence in the Senate because over the past eight years, appropriation bills have been as rare as ice cubes in the desert. I'd like to thank my colleagues in both the Senate and the House for all their hard work in producing a joint budget agreement that balances within 10 years, does not raise taxes, strengthens our nation's defense, protects our most vulnerable citizens, improves economic growth and opportunity for hardworking families, and stops the federal government's out-of-control spending. These important steps - and still others to come - show Congress is back working for the American people to deliver on the promise of a government that's more accountable. This is something each and every American expects and deserves from its leaders here in Washington. And with action on our balanced budget, we will deliver."


Senator Sanders: (11:09 AM)

  • Spoke on the budget.
    • "At a time when this country probably faces more serious problems than at any time since the great depression. Middle class is disappearing, poverty much too high, the gap between the very, very, very rich and everybody else growing wider and wider, real unemployment much too high, young people unable to afford to go to college. And on every one of those issues, the Republican budget does exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. In the year 2015, we should not be voting or bringing forth a budget which makes the billionaires even richer while cutting programs for people who are struggling. With an $18 trillion debt, we should not be increasing military spending by simply adding that money on to the deficit. I would hope that people in this body, in the United States Senate, take a deep breath, appreciate, in fact, what is going on to working families in this country and will vote "No" on this disastrous budget."


Senator Boxer: (11:28 AM)

  • Spoke on the budget.
    • "This budget ought to be redone with an eye toward balance that we achieved those years ago by making smart investments in our people, by cutting back on wasteful spending, by not bringing political vendettas to the table when already so many millions of our people have health insurance, you're going take it away. You fought so hard for the chance to govern. You did. Believe me. Just as we're going to fight to get it back. That's what politics is. But now it's time to work together. This is a radical, radical budget. This doesn't reflect any coming together. I will tell you as soon as we wake up America that this budget hurts them, maybe we're going to have a chance to fix it. I really hope so, because our middle class can't take any more pain. Our drivers can't take any more pain. Our students can't take any more pain. Seniors can't take any more pain. So I hope we'll have a big "No" vote against this budget."