Ernst, Isakson, Cardin

MTP to Trade Promotion Authority Vehicle (H.R. 1314)

Senator Ernst: (9:47 AM)

  • Spoke on defense.
    • "We do that because we believe that defeating ISIS is critical to maintaining an inclusive and unified Iraq, and that the Iraqi Kurds are the key in that goal, as well as helping end the humanitarian crisis in Iraq through their support of over 1.6 million displaced persons from Iraq and Syria. The legislation preserves the president's ability to notify the Iraqi government before weapons, equipment, defense services or related training is provided to Iraqi Kurdish forces. It ensures this emergency authorization does not construct a precedent of providing direct support to organizations other than a country or an international organization. Finally, it works toward accountability by requiring a report to Congress on U.S. weapons provided to the Iraqi government which have ended up in the hands of Iranian-controlled and supported Shia militias or foreign terrorist groups. ISIS is deadly and determined, and Iraqi Kurdish Peshmurga forces, our critical force in the fight against ISIS need U.S. weapons as quickly as possible."


Senator Isakson: (9:52 AM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I want to urge all of my colleagues in the House and the Senate to adopt the African Growth and Opportunity Act for three reasons. One, it's a ten-year predictable extension of a relationship we need to grow and prosper. That's number one. Number two, it gives us the tools to not be abused and make sure that if one of the South African countries is abusing American access to the market, we can stop it and file a case with the trade representative. But number three, it offers hope and prosperity for America in the 21st century. A billion and a half mouths to feed, rare Earth minerals, natural resources, the power of the people and the power of the purse of the people. Africa is the continent of the 21st century for our country. Having a trade agreement with Africa is essential to seeing to it that we have a prosperous and a free future."


Senator Cardin: (10:36 AM)

  • Spoke on the Baltimore riots.
    • "Today, Secretary Perez, the secretary of Labor, is going to be in Baltimore again meeting with local officials to figure out how the federal government can partner with us to provide resources to energize the private sector, to energize the rebirth of Baltimore. I heard requests from groups that I met with about the new markets tax credit. We need to extend those types of credits that can make a difference in our urban centers. I visited with Pastor Hickman, whose church was torched, the senior housing project next door to his church was on fire last Monday night. He's rebuilding that senior housing project but he clearly knows that he needs partners from the federal government. We can do a better job. So I just urge my colleagues to understand that we can do this, that we must do this. We must rebuild our cities. We must rebuild our communities for a better Baltimore and for a better America future."