Hatch, Sanders, Nelson, Sessions

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 1314)

Senator Hatch: (12:55 PM)

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    • "If this vote goes the way I hope it will, T.P.A. is the most effective tool in the Congress' trade arsenal. T.P.A. ensures that Congress sets the objectives for our trade negotiators and that those negotiators will be able to reach the best deals possible. Without T.P.A. or Trade Promotion Authority, we have no way holding the administration accountable in trade negotiations and no way of making sure our country can get a good deal. Getting T.P.A. renewed is President Obama's top legislative priority, and he's right on this issue. And we should support our president on this issue. And as chairman of the senate committee with jurisdiction over trade, it's a very high priority for me as well. The T.P.A. bill that will be brought before the Senate represents a bipartisan, bicameral effort to advance our nation's trade interests."


Senator Sanders: (12:58 PM)

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    • "Are we going to stand with Wall Street, whose greed just has no limits? Are we going to stand with the pharmaceutical industry that wants to sell drugs to people all over the world at a higher price? Or do we stand with unions, environmental groups, religious groups? Do we get involved in a trade agreement which allows corporations to undermine the democratic rights of countries who stand up for their environment, stand up for the health and well-being of their kids? Do we make it harder for poor people around the world to get the medicines they need? This really is, a no-brainer, and I would hope that the members of the United States Senate send a resounding "No" to the corporate world that you can't have it all, that we are going to pass trade agreements which protect working families, which protect the middle class, which protects struggling people all over the world. We're going to vote "No" on fast-track and "No" on the T.P.P."


Senator Nelson: (1:30 PM)

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    • "The main event is the combined two bills of Trade Adjustment Assistance, which is if there is a disruption in a local economy or in a particular trade as a result of new trade arrangements, international trade arrangements, that there is extra training for those workers to be trained into another job so they have a livelihood. That's common sense. That is combined with the other main event, which is a procedure to fast-track ultimately the two trade bills that are being negotiated by the United States, one in the pacific area, the other one with Europe. And fast-track means that when those trade bills come to the Congress for approval or disapproval, it's done with an up-or-down vote. In other words, it can't be pecked to death with hundreds and hundreds of amendments. That's why it's called fast-track. And we are getting to the point that we are now going to pass this as we get on into the consideration of this legislation and amendments that will be coming to it. But at the end of the day this senator is quite confident that we'll be able to pass the fast-track, and it will have this senator's support."


Senator Sessions: (1:34 PM)

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    • "I believe the March trade deficit was the largest worldwide that we've had in over six years, almost the highest ever. We're going to be moving forward. I'm going to support moving forward to discuss this trade bill. There'll be some amendments that I'd seek to offer. If that's the will of the Congress, those will pass. If not, they won't pass. But fundamentally, I do believe it's time for the American people to expect of their political leaders to give them some real analysis about what the results of these trade agreements are going to be. Will it help raise wages? Will it create increasing job prospects? Would it increase or reduce our trade deficit? Trade deficits represent a drain and a negative pull on the American economy. Some say that they don't make much difference, but they do. It does impact adversely G.D.P. So with regard to those questions, I think we need some answer."