Isakson, Coons, Wyden, Lankford

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 1314)

Senator Isakson: (2:39 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "In the committee on the AGOA Act we put an amendment to ensure a review of trade practices vis-a-vis poultry and other issues important to the United States. We would have offered an amendment on the floor had it been possible without this U.C. but with this U.C. coming forward and not objecting we have gotten permission to talk to Ambassador Froman who has assured us he is willing to issue an out-of-cycle review whenever necessary to review the trade practices of South Africa vis-a-vis poultry and I commend him for doing that and want to memorialize it in the record."


Senator Coons: (2:40 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I thank senator Isakson of Georgia and express my shared concern if we are going to proceed to a long-term renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act which provides duty-free, quota-free access to U.S. markets to sub-Saharan African countries, that we also ensure there is effective trade enforcement, that those of us that support free trade also support fair trade and effective enforcement. And as the good senator from Georgia commented we are acting in reliance upon a representation by the United States trade representative that there will be enforcement action taken if appropriate on access to the markets in South Africa."


Senator Wyden: (2:41 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I am thoroughly committed to getting this legislation passed before we leave for the recess. No one can ever make guarantees, but I'm sure going to pull out all the stops to do it. And I just want, as we close the opening of this debate, to thank both the majority leader and the minority leader for working with myself and Chairman Hatch and others to get us to this point. We had a bipartisan effort in the Finance Committee, and we're very pleased to see the distinguished president of the Senate join us on the Finance Committee. We had a bipartisan package, as the distinguished president knows, in the Finance Committee, which passed really overwhelmingly on a bipartisan basis. Now, starting this debate and with what's ahead of us, we have a chance to build on the bipartisan work that took place in the Finance Committee. It's very appropriate that we begin this discussion, focusing on trade enforcement as the 14 pro-trade Democrats did yesterday in making an announcement with respect to the importance of this topic."


Senator Lankford: (3:01 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "My issue is particularly with this customs bill that's coming. And again, it's not about the protections in it. It's about the way we pay for it … How about next week I try to go get a car loan and I try to negotiate with the car dealer a five-year loan and I tell him I'll pay all of my loan off year four, but I want a full refund in year five for all that I paid off. Do you think I'm going to get that car loan? No. I'm not going to get that car loan because he's going to say that's fake. And I will say I will pay it off completely in year five. Yeah, but we paid it all back the next year. We've got to be able to actually have real accounting at the end of the day. This is not invisible money. This is debt that's being added. And with a $3.7 trillion budget, we can find real pay-fors. This is a practice that has happened in this Congress and in previous Congresses that has to stop. We have the ability to do that. I have to oppose this bill because it's not genuine in how we're actually paying for it. Saying that we pay for it in year six and refunding in year seven is not real, and we know it. In the days ahead, I hope we can address this practice and not just eliminate for this bill but that we can eliminate it from ever being used again in any bill as a gimmick pay-for."