McConnell (UC), Reid

Opening Remarks

Today –

  • Following leader remarks, the Senate will resume consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R. 2048, the USA Freedom Act.
  • At 5:00 PM, the Senate will recess subject to the call of the chair.


Senator McConnell: (4:02 PM)

  • Spoke on Beau Biden.
    • "Beau Biden was known to many as a dedicated public servant, a loving father of two, and a devoted partner to the woman he loved, Hallie. I've known the vice president for many years, and it's hard to think of anything more important to him than his faith and his family. I hope he will find comfort in the former, as he grieves such a terrible loss. The Senate offers its presiding officer and every member of his family our prayers and our sympathy."
  • Unanimous Consent –
    • The time until 5:00 PM be equally divided.
    • At 5:00 PM, the Senate recess subject to the call of the chair.
  • (Without objection)


Senator Reid: (4:04 PM)

  • Spoke on Beau Biden.
    • "I was saddened really beyond words to figure out, understand the passing of Beau, who was such a fine young man. He was a devoted husband, father, son, a dedicated servant to the people of Delaware, and if a faithful, honorable veteran of the United States, having served in the Middle East in Iraq. I, of course, extend all the sympathy I'm capable of extending to his family during this very difficult time. Beau left us far too soon, 46 years old."
  • Spoke on the National Security Agency.
    • "Fortunately, there is a clear way out. Pass the U.S.A. Freedom Act which the House overwhelmingly passed with 338 votes on a totally bipartisan basis. All we need is a few more Republican senators to vote with Democrats and the bill will pass. Just three, maybe four, maybe five, but a few senators. All we need to bring this unnecessary crisis to a screaming halt. I'm confident we can pass this bill if the majority leader would bring it to the floor for a fair vote. Now, procedurally, it's going to be extremely difficult to not have this bill - law expire - not a bill, this law expire. Any other course than just passing this bill would require the House to act before midnight. They're not here. So it's not going to happen. There's not a quorum of House members and there are House members that will to be any unanimous consent request anyway. Passing the U.S.A. Freedom Act is the only way that I can foresee that the PATRIOT Act provisions do not expire. Now is the time for the majority leader to do what's right for the privacy and security of all Americans."