Portman, Hatch, Stabenow, Moran

MTP to Trade Promotion Authority Vehicle (H.R. 1314)

Senator Portman: (3:39 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I think it is incredibly important that we move forward with expanding trade. And I think Trade Promotion Authority is needed to do that. As we do it, let's be sure that we're able to look those workers, those farmers in the eye back home and say, you know what? This is going to work for you, too. It's going to work for all of us. This is going to work because we're giving you access to markets you wouldn't otherwise have. That creates more and better-paying jobs. But we're also going to be sure that it is a more level playing field, that you're able to compete effectively and win because the rules won't be rigged against you. The rules are going to be fair for everybody."


Senator Hatch: (4:00 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I hope our colleagues will help us to pass this bill, help us to keep amendments that shouldn't be on this bill off, help us to keep amendments that really aren't, aren't helpful off, help us to keep the poison pills that usually come up around here off, so that this bill can pass through, become law, and enable whatever administration it is - but this administration for the next year and a half approximately - to be able to do good with some of these agreements that may be very, very important to our well-being as well as their well-being, to our relationship as well as their relationships with us, to our region as well as their region, to have the United States of America working with them, to have them working with us sends a message to a lot of enemies around this world that we're making headway, we're doing things the way they ought to be done, and that the united States is a good trading partner."


Senator Stabenow: (4:17 PM)

  • Spoke on Rachel Jacobs.
    • " I rise on the floor of the United States Senate in memory of a young woman whose life was extraordinary and meaningful and whose passing has left so many of us so profoundly sad. On Tuesday night Rachel Jacobs left work and boarded a train to go home to her husband Todd and her two year-old son. Her life full of passion and purpose was lost that night along with at least seven others when her train - and we all know now about the train - was derailed just outside of Philadelphia. Rachel touched so many lives all across the country."


Senator Moran: (4:23 PM)

  • Spoke on Alzheimer's.
    • "As a member of the Senate Appropriation subcommittee that is responsible for the funding of N.I.H., I am committed to working with my colleagues to see that that prioritization of N.I.H. occurs and that with N.I.H. there is support, strong support for Alzheimer's research. In 2011, Congress passed the National Alzheimer's Plan that specifically lays out a series of scientific milestones that researchers think need to be met in order to make meaningful impact on the trajectory of Alzheimer's by 2025. What's the plan to get us where we need to be by that point in time? And over the last two years, Congress has provided N.I.H. with approximately $125 million in increased funding to support good science that addresses Alzheimer's diseases and dementia. Additionally, we have worked to include language in the fiscal year 2015 omnibus that requires N.I.H. to submit a yearly budget request for Alzheimer's research based on what is required to fund the necessary science."