Tester, Brown, Udall, Wyden, Cornyn

Legislative Session

Senator Tester: (9:51 AM)

  • Spoke on Deputy Sheriff Joseph J. Dunn.
    • "I rise to honor the Cascade County Deputy Sheriff Joe Dunn, a dedicated public servant who died in the line of duty on August 14 of 2014. On behalf of all Montanans, I want to thank Deputy Dunn for his service to our nation and to the community of great falls, Montana. Before enlisting listing to serve and protect his neighbors as a deputy sheriff, Joe Dunn served our nation in the United States Marine Corps, deployed to the battlefields of Afghanistan. Upon returning to Montana, Deputy Dunn married the love of his life, Robin. They had two children. His love for his family was the guiding principle for his life. Leaders have honored him by naming an eight-mile stretch of Interstate 15 outside of Great Falls, Montana, the Joseph J. Dunn Memorial Highway."


Senator Brown: (10:04 AM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "I don't think people around this place think very much about the human face of these kinds of decisions. That's why this is so important. We can do something about this. When jobs are lost due to cheap, flooded, illegal imports and at the same time we aren't increasing our exports, we need to do all we can to stop this practice understand a protect our workers. Okay, the other side will say we are increasing our exports. But the imports are much, much higher in almost every one of these cases. That's why we need to pass this custom bill that incorporates the Level-the-Playing Field Act to crack down on foreign companies that are cheating. We welcome competition. We have succeeded competing among ourselves and around the world. But it's got to be fair."


Senator Udall: (10:41 AM)

  • Spoke on the NSA.
    • "That's why yesterday Senator Wyden and I reintroduced the Strengthening Privacy Oversight and Transparency - SPOT - Act. Our bill would strengthen the board. This is key to real oversight and should be included as part of any reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act. The SPOT Act extends the board's authority to play a watchdog role over surveillance conducted for purposes beyond counterterrorism. It also allows the privacy and civil liberties oversight board to issue subpoenas without having to wait for the Justice Department to issue them, and it makes the board members full-time positions. Finally, it makes the board an authorized recipient for whistle-blower complaints for employees in the intelligence community so they can take concerns to an independent organization, one that understands the intelligence community. I know we must protect the nation from future attacks, but there must also be balance. We cannot give up our constitutional protections in the name of security."


Senator Wyden: (10:51 AM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "My guess is in Pennsylvania and everywhere else, particular those of us who are pro-trade and want to tap the global markets, how about enforcing the laws that are on the books? What I've started this morning and I will be back again and again between now and the end of this debate, is to talk about why this is a very different approach than the approach taken of the 1990's. Tough, robust, effective enforcement of our trade laws is right at the core of a new and modern American trade policy. It is a major part, of what I call trade done right. It's how you guarantee that trade gives everybody in America a chance to get ahead. Those are propositions in my view that deserve strong bipartisan support here in the Senate and I urge my colleagues strongly to support this trade enforcement law package."


Senator Cornyn: (11:05 AM)

  • Spoke on Austin Tice.
    • "I join the tice family in encouraging the federal government to do everything we can to possibly secure Austin's safe return home. And I also want to say once again to his family, we haven't given up, we will continue to stand by you, and we will never give up until we find your son and bring him safely home. This week we pass another milestone, this time of 1,000 days Austin has been separated from his family. But I join the Tice family in their hope that someday soon we'll be able to add another milestone to this story, one that marks the day of his safe return to so many who love and miss him. So today our thoughts and prayers are with the Tice family and I stand ready to do and I dare say all of us stand ready to do whatever we can to encourage and facilitate the return of this Texan veteran, brother, and son."