Wyden, Cantwell, Graham, McConnell, Peters

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 1314)

Senator Wyden: (7:05 PM)

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    • "And on my side of the aisle my colleagues on the Democratic side felt particularly strongly about the currency, you know, issue and Senator Stabenow, for example, and many felt very strongly about the amendment that Senator Warren sought to offer and we were able working together to in effect get an equal number for each side. My understanding is that we continue to be interested, and you just I think made another gracious offer, we're going to stay here tonight, you're still interested in putting together a list that gives all sides a fair chance at their major amendments."


Senator Cantwell: (7:09 PM)

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    • "This is a discussion that's been going on for months and months if not years, which is what are we going to do as we deal with trade issues about the reauthorization of the export-import bank which expires at the end of June. So while I appreciate my colleagues on the Finance Committee and the movement of trade legislation, I've had many discussions with them over the last several months about this very issue, and the fact that this issue has to get resolved. Now, I know that no member gets to have their way about what legislation gets an amendment. The list that was just given does nothing to guarantee we would ever see a vote on the authorization of the ex-im bank. While the other side wants to protect what they think are the opportunities to pass this legislation in the House, which I respect, I don't think that the House has to dictate to the U.S. Senate how we're going to proceed where the majority of people in both the House and Senate support the reauthorization of the export-import bank."


Senator Graham: (7:12 PM)

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    • "To my colleagues who have been raising money off this, you can raise all the money you want to, but you're going to have to debate your ideas against my ideas. You're not going to be able to shut this bank down without a vote. If you feel that good about your position, let's have a vote on the floor of the Senate, the floor of the House. One thing we're not going to do is let the bank die without a debate and a vote, and that debate and vote must come before June 30 because the damage will have been done. I'm not going to sit on the sidelines and watch jobs in my state be lost because of some ideological crusade, the biggest beneficiary of which in my view would be China and our European competitors. If you really do care about China's effect in the world marketplace, shutting the ex-im bank down in America and allowing China to keep theirs open is a death load to the American manufacturers who sell in the developing world."


Senator McConnell: (7:21 PM)

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    • "The bill managers have been working together on the votes that we've had, and so far we have worked to get an additional seven amendments pending. But sadly, there's an objection from the other side of the aisle on getting additional amendments pending, regardless of which party offers the amendment. Senator Hatch and his colleague have been down here for days trying to get amendments offered, and obviously it's possible in the Senate to be prevent others from getting amendments, and now we've got the whole process stymied because we can't seem to get agreements for any additional amendments. I think we all know this is a body that requires at least some level of cooperation, and that just hasn't been here on this bipartisan bill."


Senator Peters: (7:25 PM)

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    • "I urge my colleagues to support the Brown-Peters amendment. I would also like to urge my colleagues to support the Portman-Stabenow amendment on currency manipulation. A study by the center for automotive research found that the T.P.P., as currently negotiated, will allow Japan to manipulate its currency, and this practice will likely lead to the elimination of over 25,000 American auto industry jobs. Our workers and manufacturers can compete with anyone in the world, but they deserve a level playing field. Currency manipulation is the most significant trade barrier of our time, and it must be stopped."