Amy McIntyre, President and CEO of WMV Productions

"I'm Amy McIntrye. I'm the CEO of WMV Productions in Nashville, Tennessee. We're a video production company, mostly focused on product videos for sales and marketing purposes. We are a service-based LLC partnership, and one of our big frustrations is at the end of the year our on-paper profit is then passed down as a tax liability for the partners, but we don't actually see that cash in order to pay taxes on it. We use that money for next week's payroll or next month's expenses for overhead, you know, all of the capital improvements that we want to make, but we have to take that tax hit on it, and it's so frustrating. So it really makes it hard to strategize your cash flow, reinvest in the company, save up to hire somebody, when you are being taxed at the same time. So tax reform, simplification, all those things would be a great benefit for small business." - Amy McIntyre, President and CEO of WMV Productions