Tax Relief for Working Americans: Alan Keck

"My name is Alan Keck. I'm a small business owner in Somerset, Kentucky. My family owns an industrial recycling company, Somerset Recycling, my father started in 1984, and I'm also the founder of Keck Sports Management, a professional baseball agency. Tax reform impacts small business in many levels. As a business owner in rural Kentucky, one of the focuses is the amount of time that it takes to be compliant with the current burdensome tax code. And so while I'm excited about reduced rates, I'm equally excited, if not more excited, about the reduced time burden. Instead of dealing with compliance issues with the tax code that's antiquated, I can spend time with my family. I can spend time with my church, or doing things that we want to do. Or better yet we can innovate, we can create, and we can create more jobs." - Alan Keck a small business owner and entrepreneur in rural Kentucky