Tax Relief for Working Americans: Chico Evans, Manager of a Washington D.C. Home Depot

"My name is Chico Evans, store manager at the local Home Depot in Washington, D.C. I'm here today to support our local economy as we fight to get this thing passed as well as our associates and our pro-contractors who would definitely benefit from the new tax reform bill. As I think about the associates at my particular store and the small contractors that shop in my store, which is a significant part of our business, and how this bill is going to impact them and make their jobs a lot easier, in the sense of being able to add additional equipment, be able to grow their business, do all of these other different things that I think is critical to our economy, and as well as for America. I'm proud to be here. Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward for this getting passed." - Chico Evans, manager of a Washington D.C. Home Depot