Portman, Shaheen

Executive Session (Kavanaugh Nomination)

Senator Portman: (3:10 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the USMCA.
    • "One, it will encourage for production here in North America, things like automobiles. You have to have a higher content of American content, U.S. and Canadian than in the old agreement. So you will have more cars built in America and North America as well as auto parts. I think that's good. There are some other things in the agreement that will help encourage production in the United States because it levels the playing field more with our country."
  • Spoke on opioid legislation.
    • "I've known him and his family for a long time, and it strikes close to home for pretty much everybody in this chamber, I'm sure, and pretty much everybody listening. When we have our town hall meetings, and I asked this question, which I do regularly at two teletown hall meetings where I asked this question, have you been affected by the opioid issue? Most people say yes. In parts of our state, where we had a teletown hall, it was two-thirds of the people on the call who said yes. Sadly, this issue has grown to the point that 72,000 Americans lost their lives last year to the opioid epidemic. That's more people than we lost in the entire Vietnam War in one year."


Senator Shaheen: (3:53 p.m.)

  • Spoke on FAA reauthorization.
    • "The F.A.A. reauthorization with broad bipartisan support. And I hope the Senate is going to act quickly so that we can get this bill to the president's desk for signature. The F.A.A. has not received a long-term reauthorization since February of 2012. Short-term reauthorizations fail to give the F.A.A. the certainty and the necessary resources they need to make to invest, to improve our nation's airports and make commercial air travel safer for all passengers. I think it's particularly an issue right now as we're switching over to the next gen system of air traffic control. Last month I had a chance to visit with air traffic controllers in New Hampshire at the terminal radar approach control facility in Merrimack."
  • Spoke on opioid legislation.
    • "Now, second, Mr. President, I also want to point out that I hope the Senate will be moving soon to advance the Support for Patients in Communities Act, which is comprehensive legislation to address the opioid epidemic. And it's legislation that's the product of real bipartisan collaboration not only across multiple committees within the senate, but multiple committees within both chambers of Congress. And it really shows that we can work together across the aisle to help combat a crisis that has such a devastating impact on so many of our communities across the country. And in my state of New Hampshire, we have the second highest rate of deaths from opioids than any state in the country."