Thune, Alexander, Cantwell

Executive Session (Kavanaugh Nomination)

Senator Thune: (12:33 p.m.)

  • Spoke on FAA reauthorization.
    • "The bill also reauthorizes the Transportation Security Administration, ensuring improved screening technologies and more explosive detection K-9's. Additional focus on security and surface transportation in public areas, and new pathways to mitigate airport security delays for an overall better travel experience. It also reauthorizes the National Transportation Safety Board, providing key reforms to modernize and improve transparency in this important safety agency's investigations, recommendations, and board member discussions. And these important provisions are just the three quarters of the bill in the jurisdiction of the Senate Commerce Committee of which I have the privilege to serve as chairman."


Senator Alexander: (12:38 p.m.)

  • Spoke on opioid legislation.
    • "I want to speak for a few minutes about another example of that. For we are in the midst of a contentious disagreement about the Supreme Court. At the same time we have an urgent, bipartisan consensus of virtually unanimous agreement to deal with the most urgent public health epidemic facing our country today and virtually every community. And that is the opioids crisis. Each one of us has stories about how the opioids epidemic is ravaging our hometowns and our home states. For example, at one of the several hearings we had in the Health Committee, which I chair, a mother, Becky Savage talked about her two sons, who she found in her basement after a graduation party one night, both dead."


Senator Cantwell: (12:54 p.m.)

  • Spoke on FAA reauthorization.
    • "As mentioned by the chairman, this is the first long-term reauthorization in decades, and it represents a five-year investment on critical infrastructure investment that our airports need all throughout the United States. It represents for us in the Pacific Northwest hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in our airports that help us continue to grow our economic and regional economies. Everybody in the state of Washington knows that we are bursting at the seams when it comes to our airports, that we need more capacity, particularly at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where we saw an increase of nearly two million passengers. It's been one of the fastest growing airports in the nation for the last five years."