Obamacare: Costs Will Go Up

‘Obama Has Promised That The New Law Will Bring Costs Down. That Seems A Stretch Now.’

‘Obama Administration Acknowledged … People Could See Their Premiums Rise’

“The Obama administration acknowledged Tuesday that some people could see their premiums rise under the healthcare reform law.” (“Premiums Could Rise Under Healthcare Law, Sebelius Concedes,” The Hill, 3/27/13)


Actuaries: Health Law To Raise Claims Cost 32 Percent Nationwide, Increase Premiums

“A new study finds that insurance companies will have to pay out an average of 32 percent more for medical claims under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. What does that mean for you? It could increase premiums…” (“Study: Health Law To Raise Claims Cost 32 Percent,” AP, 3/26/13)

“…the overwhelming majority [of states] will see double-digit increases in their individual health insurance markets, where people purchase coverage directly from insurers. The disparities are striking. By 2017, the estimated increase would be 62 percent for California, about 80 percent for Ohio, more than 20 percent for Florida and 67 percent for Maryland.” (“Study: Health Overhaul To Raise Claims Cost 32 Pct,” AP, 3/27/13)

  • OHIO: “Medical claims costs in Ohio could jump an average 81 percent for individual policy holders by 2017 under the federal health care law, according to a study by the nation's leading group of financial risk analysts says. The cost of medical claims is the biggest driver of health insurance premiums.” (“Health Overhaul Could Hike Ohio Claims Cost 81 Percent,” AP, 3/27/13)


‘Federal Health Care Law Could Nearly Triple Premiums For Some’

“The federal health care law could nearly triple premiums for some young and healthy men, according to a forthcoming survey of insurers that singles out a group that might become a major public opinion battleground in the Obamacare wars. The survey, fielded by the conservative American Action Forum and made available to POLITICO, found that if the law’s insurance rules were in force, the premium for a relatively bare-bones policy for a 27-year-old male nonsmoker on the individual market would be nearly 190 percent higher.” (“Premium Price Shock Could Fuel Some ACA Foes,” Politico, 2/4/13)

“Young people who currently have low-cost coverage may see some of the biggest hikes.” (“Insurers Warn Of Overhaul-Induced Sticker Shock,” AP, 3/13/13)

“Some Americans could see their insurance bills double next year as the health care overhaul law expands coverage to millions of people. The nation's big health insurers say they expect premiums — or the cost for insurance coverage — to rise from 20 to 100 percent for millions of people due to changes that will occur when key provisions of the Affordable Care Act roll out in January 2014. ‘We've done all the math, we've shared it with all the regulators, we've shared it with all the people in Washington that need to see it, and I think it's a big concern,’ Bertolini said during the company's annual meeting with investors in December.” (“Insurers Warn Of Overhaul-Induced Sticker Shock,” AP, 3/13/13)


President Obama’s Promise: ‘This Law Will Lower Premiums’

THEN-SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL): “I have made a solemn pledge that I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will … cut the cost of a typical family's premiums by up to $2500 a year. That's not simply a matter of policy or ideology - it's a moral commitment.” (Sen. Obama, Remarks To United Church Of Christ Synod, 6/24/07)

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “Families will save on their premiums.” (President Obama, Remarks After Meeting With Senate Democrats, 12/15/09)

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  “Your employer, it's estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3,000 percent … which means they could give you a raise.” (“Will Health Care Bill Lower Premiums?” AP, 3/17/10)

  • OBAMA: “All this is going to lower premiums. It’s going to make healthcare more affordable.” (President Obama, Remarks, 9/22/10)
  • OBAMA: “This law will lower premiums.” (President Obama, Remarks To ‘Families USA,’ 1/28/11)

SEN. DICK DURBIN (D-IL): “Bringing down costs of health insurance and making it more affordable is job one for this health care reform.” (Sen. Dick Durbin, Floor Remarks, 12/18/09)