But Did He Convince Senate Dems?

President Obama Asks Senate Democrats To Pass His Bill At Least A Dozen Times In One Speech


President: ‘Why Is It Taking So Long?’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “So my question is, what’s Congress waiting for? Why is it taking so long?” (President Obama, Remarks, 9/22/11)


Senate Dems: We’ll Get To It ‘Next Month’

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., admitted Monday that the Senate floor was ‘pretty well jammed now,’ suggesting that there may not be time to move on the bill until next month.” (“Obama’s Jobs Bill ‘Pretty Well Jammed’ in the Senate,” ABC News, 9/21/11)

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “‘I don't know exactly what I'm going to do yet with the president's jobs bill’… Reid told reporters, saying merely that he had introduced the bill Tuesday. A number of Democrats have previously opposed some of the ideas in the bill.” (“Reid Not Sure if Obama's Jobs Bill Can Pass,” Fox News, 9/13/11)

QUESTION: “After the recess, so next month? Or when will it actually begin to act on?“  SENATOR DICK DURBIN (D-IL): “I think that’s more realistic it would be next month.” (Sen. Durbin, CNN’s State Of The Union, 9/18/11)


Senate Dems Call It ‘Terrible,’ ‘Frustrating,’ Say It’s ‘Not Going To Fly’

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “None of us agree with every part of it.” (Sen. Reid, Press Briefing, 9/20/11)

SEN. JIM WEBB (D-VA): “Terrible.” “‘Terrible,’ Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) told POLITICO when asked about the president’s ideas for how to pay for the $450 billion price tag. ‘We shouldn’t increase taxes on ordinary income. … There are other ways to get there.’” (“Hill Dems Pick Apart Obama Jobs Plan,” Politico, 9/14/11)

SEN. BARBARA MIKULSKI (D-MD): “I disagree with the president.” “Senator Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat whose state includes some of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., said she didn't support the health-care tax. ‘I disagree with the president,’ she said.” (“Obama Plan To Tax Health Benefits Stirs Democratic Opposition,” Bloomberg, 9/14/11)

SEN. MARK BEGICH (D-AK): “Frustrating … There’s an unfairness to it.” “Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, from the oil-rich state of Alaska, said it was ‘frustrating’ to see the president single out the oil industry after calling on the congressional supercommittee in last week’s address to Congress to find savings. ‘When you start singling out certain industries, there’s an unfairness to it,’ he said in an interview. ‘On the pay-fors, I have a problem.’” (“Hill Dems Pick Apart Obama Jobs Plan,” Politico, 9/14/11)

SEN. MARY LANDRIEU (D-LA): “…not going to fly.” “‘That offset is not going to fly, and he should know that,’ said Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu from the energy-producing Louisiana, referring to Obama’s elimination of oil and gas subsidies. ‘Maybe it’s just for his election, which I hope isn’t the case.’” (“Hill Dems Pick Apart Obama Jobs Plan,” Politico, 9/14/11)

SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-WV): “I have serious questions about the level of spending that President Obama has proposed, as well as the actual effectiveness some of these policies will have when it comes to creating jobs…” (“Manchin’s Strategy For Surviving 2012 In A Red State: Bash President Obama,” The Hill, 9/14/11)

  • “‘If spending money solved our crises, we would be okay,’ Manchin said. ‘When the President first spoke to Congress, I had some serious reservations. After we did a breakdown on the numbers, I was even more skeptical. At $450 billion, it is a tremendous cost, with a doubtful return on investment.’ Manchin said he worries that the bill includes ideas that have been tried before and failed, at tremendous cost to taxpayers.” (“Manchin Has Reservations On Obama's Jobs Bill,” Williamson Daily News [WV] 9/18/11)

SEN. JOHN KERRY (D-MA): “I don’t think anybody expects it to pass en bloc.” “‘I don’t think anybody expects it to pass en bloc,’ Kerry told reporters Tuesday afternoon after the Senate Democrats’ weekly policy luncheon. ‘So, the issue is going to be what, if any, parts of it might be cherry-picked. And really that depends a lot on the overall mix of the negotiation.’” (“Obama Jobs Proposal Won’t Pass In One Piece, Kerry Says,” Washington Post, 9/13/11)

SEN. JOE LIEBERMAN (ID-CT): “I wouldn't do anything to raise taxes in the foreseeable future because that'll stifle the recovery.” (Sean Hannity Radio Show, 9/20/11)

SEN. JON TESTER (D-MT): “‘…against the president’s proposal,’ Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy says.” (“HOH Scores The Montana Money Quote,” Roll Call, 9/21/11)